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Small Vintage Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Okikiko.com – My friend has an amazing small vintage dining room with lovely oak furniture, but it was dated decades ago when her mother moved in with her and the room was not large enough to accommodate all of her furniture. So, every time she would come home from work, she would ask if I could help her redo the room. That was several years ago though and she is still very happy with the results.

Make a Small Vintage Dining Room Fun

“The first thing I did when I inherited this charming room was add some antiques. The luckiest part was the flea market, which was just the thing for me. I bought my mom’s beautiful handmade pottery and diamond encrusted crystal glassware. After scrubbing away decades of grime, I revealed the delightful character of the small vintage dining room, featuring old-fashioned knotty wooden planks, elegantly colored brick, aged green tiles and authentic, hand-crafted green leather floor tiles. There is seating at a large round table, a couple of chairs, and at each side of the dinning area is an individual, hand-stitched, hand-painted, antique’s tablecloth, depicting the theme – all very classic.

The second step was to create a wonderful display of antique Italian furniture that complements the rustic, western and handmade interior design. The best of these items are those that have been handed down from generations and have intricate carvings, like a dining set with carrousel wares and a curio cabinet with gold brocades. A big middle section of the retro dinning space is devoted to the dining table with four large and one small table each with a traditional Italian tablecloth and accentuated by richly carved legs and tops trimmed in rich dark wood. Each table has a different item associated with it such as a vase, candle or plant. This type of retro dinning room furniture is often hand-painted by the owner to bring out the unique qualities of the original piece.

The third step was to incorporate an element of humor into the space by using 50 vintage bedroom ideas and decorating accessories to create a fun space where friends and family can gather for coffee, food, and conversation. In this room, the right accessories and home accessories can be used to create a comfy reading corner, a coffee and tea area, even a small game room where board games can be enjoyed with friends and family. With a single, central focus the entire family can gather and enjoy each other’s company, especially during nice weather. The vintage furniture in this room can be found in many shapes and styles ranging from traditional, mission style dining tables to rustic benches made of cedar with iron, glass and stone tops.

Beautiful Section for Reading Corner

A beautiful piece for the reading corner can be a hand-crafted, ornate French country look that is reminiscent of the cozy little bistro cafes of France. A bench-top lantern above the table, fresh flowers on the tablecloth and a large French countryside scene on the wall to bring in the warm breezes of summer and make conversation with your friend’s more exciting than the old-fashioned board games you used to play. The placement of the table makes it easy to watch television or entertain your small children while you enjoy a lovely meal on your own. Smaller tables can be used in the living room for casual dining or as an extra place to display your China or collectibles. For the perfect retro fit in any room decor ideas, try combining the retro furnishings with some modern touches, such as contemporary art or a coffee table with an interesting geometric design.

For a fun kids’ room, try 50 vintage dining room lighting decor ideas and decorating accessories for a whimsical space where your kids can play. This design will also work well in a boy’s or girl’s bedroom, if you choose an art Deco style. An eye-catching centerpiece to add to the room is a whimsical vase filled with fresh flowers, such as daisies or roses. Add some colorful balloons in contrasting colors to frame the vase and maybe place some vintage chairs around the vase or in front of it, such as a table lamp or an old-fashioned glass globe. You can even cover the vase with clear plastic to make it sparkle.

The Advantages of a Smaller Living Room Kitchen

Smaller living room kitchens are often the domain of the dining room only because there is less space to work with, but that doesn’t mean that there is no place for the small kitchen that has been made available by today’s home decorating ideas. With the focus on family food during meal time, a cozy little corner diner is just what a busy mom or dad needs. They can set their small diner table next to their microwave oven so they can make those homemade macaroni and cheese sandwiches on their lunch break. A wooden or wicker bowl placed in the corner with wooden salt and pepper shakers to add to the classic atmosphere is all that is needed. Add a cute bookcase or two to display those family photographs or even some handmade pottery items that the children have displayed on their walls all year long.

Small vintage tables are not just made to be decorative for a small room; many are hand crafted with age-old methods and techniques that are still being used today. One of my favorites is an Amish-made coffee table with a vintage look and feel. These are not just functional tables for eating but are actually used to display unique items that are found only in the Amish culture. One of the items that I have seen on these incredible tables is a hand carved chicken with its owner’s name engraved on the top. Many of these items are hand crafted by the Amish and will cost you much more than a regular antique looking dining table but if you really want to be in touch with the past and display items handed down from generations of Amish craftsmen then you may just want to consider this option for your home.

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