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Create a Bohemian Kitchen by Styling It Like a Celt

Okikiko.com – A Bohemian kitchen design is one which has an atmosphere that is full of character and temperament. The interior is full of character and temperament, with an open and free heart. This style is about individualizing the interior to reflect a creative mix of colours which can be slightly surprising and the frequent use of unique textures and other unusual elements. The Bohemian kitchen style exudes a natural charm that goes along with being a person who goes against the mainstream. It is about being creative and having a free-thinking attitude.

Bohemian Kitchen Color Schemes

The Bohemian kitchen has to have a colour scheme that is not over the top and is very colorful. The walls of the room have to have a very deep and rich shade of purple or deep purple. It is essential that there is an abundance of natural light in the space, and that it is reflected and refracted through windows, skylights and doors that are all painted in the same tone of purple. Highly polished wood floors also add to the effect of the vibe.

As well as natural wood cabinets and counters, the kitchen should have natural wood flooring. Pine and oak counter tops are very popular and should ideally be sealed to stop staining and maintain the wood fresh for long periods of time. Wall tiles should be earthy tones such as cork, terracotta or licorice. Glass walls in the Bohemian kitchen are very popular. However, these are best used on side walls, where they have the least negative impact on the aura. Glass walls will reflect light and add to the vibe, but it is important to choose glass that is tempered to avoid breakages.

Creating a Bohemian Kitchen Shelf

To create a truly Bohemian kitchen, there should be open shelving in the cook space. The shelves can be made from natural stone, metal, glass or wood. They add an extra dimension to the room, which gives the illusion that the whole kitchen is in one place. Some people prefer not to use open shelving in their kitchens.

Natural light is essential for a healthy kitchen. You can add lush greenery to your Bohemian kitchen by installing plants at regular intervals along the walls. If you use pots and planters with green backs, you can make the space feel more Bohemian. Natural greenery along the walls will also help to reduce the negative impact of the bright sunlight on the body, which can cause sunburns.

Characteristics of a Colorful Bohemian Kitchen

Many people like the Bohemian kitchen because of the warm and welcoming ambiance that is created by the natural materials and colors. Natural materials such as cork and bamboo are often used for the flooring, tables, chairs and shelves. Natural materials such as cork and bamboo can also be incorporated into the paint colors and walls to give a very homey feel to the room.

Color Palette The color palette should include rich and vibrant colors, as the walls and ceiling can easily be painted with lighter shades to give the impression that the space has a very exotic flavor. Light blues, green and even lavender can add to the lush greenery. For smaller kitchens, sticking to neutral hues and colors can give the illusion that the room stretches out indefinitely. Bold colors and patterns would only make it look cramped.

Area Rug A large piece of area rug can add to the Bohemian feel of the kitchen. Rugs like the shag, Cuban print, Asian and African shags are great choices to use in the kitchen. Use them on counter tops, stove tops and even on the floor to give the kitchen a rustic country feeling. You can also add a decorative rug to the kitchen to complete the Bohemian kitchen look. These colorful accessories will not only give life to your kitchen, but also lend it an exotic charm.

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