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Designing a Boho Chic Kitchen With Minimalism

Okikiko.com – Small Bohemian kitchens have grown in popularity recently, as more people are returning to small towns or cities. Living in a town of any size can be a challenge: There are dozens of things to do, dozens of shops to visit, and hundreds of restaurants to sit down and have a great meal at. This is why many people choose to live in small towns – they have fewer distractions and can spend more time focusing on one area. However, living in a small town also means that you are limited by your small kitchen, and the smaller kitchens of many small towns have an identity all their own. If you want to create a unique, yet comfortable element to your home that still has all of the functionality you’d expect from a kitchen, consider some small Bohemian kitchen ideas.

Small Bohemian Kitchen Advantages

The most common elements in small Bohemian kitchens are a kitchen table and a wall mounted rack for condiments and cutlery. The easiest way to get started with a small Bohemian kitchen is to choose a unique, eclectic, or distressed style for your kitchen. The goal is to create a setting that is both unusual and comfortable. Because small kitchens are tight spaces, keep things minimal, like using wooden shelving for small pots and pans. Buy high quality, solid materials when possible so they last longer.

Shelving for small pots and pans helps keep dishes small and neat, and helps organize your kitchen. A great idea for this type of kitchen is to use a piece of white subway tile (the same kind you’ll find in old wooded areas). Purchase a few small pots or pans (make sure they are sturdy), place them on the bottom of the rack, and staple them down to the wood shelves below. Then, go back to the rack, and select a “mint” or “sour” color to add some interest to the space. Do this in several spots, using different colors depending on which scent or color you prefer.

Tips to Add Beauty to the Kitchen with Pots

In the modern world, everything must be instant, but this just adds to the chaos and mess of many modern kitchens. Instead, why not try sprucing up a bit of natural earth element in your small Bohemian kitchen? Purchase a decorative potted plant from an online nursery, and set it in a prominent location, such as on a shelf, near a window, or above a ceramic pot. Other suggestions for containers include small ceramic planters, old bottles/bags, and worn out fabric pieces from old clothes.

A final suggestion for elements in a small Bohemian kitchen is some lush greenery. Purchase some small growing plants from your local nursery, and place them on a shelf or hung upside down from a hook on the wall. Place some pots on small shelves, and add some planters filled with water or flower pots. Some other greenery to add to your small Bohemian kitchen can be a hanging birdhouse or a container or two of succulents or herbs.

Bright Color Pallet Ideas For Small Bohemian Kitchen Designs

For the color palette of your small Bohemian kitchen, the most important thing to keep in mind is that each piece should be a representation of something. Use a vibrant color palette that is representative of the outdoors. You can find some very cute little Bohemian designs in vivid pinks and purples, while other colors can be found in earth tones that are reminiscent of brick, stone or earth. I would suggest sticking with solid colors that are heavily decorated, such as hot pink or orange. This will give your kitchen the appearance of being a “fun” place instead of just being cramped and dirty.

The final aspect of a Bohemian kitchen is the type of decoration you will place on the walls. Some great ideas include a free standing rooster statues as the center of your kitchen island, an abstract art canvas with a watermark on the back of it for your Shiplap Ceiling, and even an old map with pencil and pen that you place on top of your counter. Your walls can also be filled up with colorful art, as well as many different types of rugs and knick knacks. Just use your imagination and take a look around at some of the things you have lying around your house and see what inspires you. Some great ideas might be some old seashells, old buttons, or old pieces of wood that you have painted a particular theme on.

These are just a few suggestions, but these small tips will go a long way when it comes to designing a small Bohemian kitchen. The more creative you are, the more unique and authentic your kitchen will become. Remember to use as much natural elements as possible, and don’t worry about following any design trends either. A truly chic and minimalist kitchen will truly be a showstopper!

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