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How to Create a Homely Scandinavian Kitchen

Okikiko.com – Scandinavian kitchens are based around the idea of mixing food culture from all around the world. The concept is reflected in design as well as color combinations and textures. The most common materials used in a Scandinavian kitchen include wood, metal and stone. Here are some ideas to get you started on your Scandinavian kitchen design.

Creating a Beautiful Scandinavian Look

Create that warm atmosphere with a clear glass splashback on the window. Lighter colored glass is ideal for creating that Scandinavian look as light can reflect off the bright surfaces creating an intimate atmosphere. Warm-colored walls in the kitchen are another popular touch to any Scandinavian kitchen, white walls create that bright and open feel. Wooden floors, particularly light colored oak, beech or pine will also add warmth to a kitchen. An easy to clean solid wooden table, island or breakfast bar will give you a central hub to your kitchen while also contributing to that Scandinavian kitchen style.

You could choose to go with neutral colors, but really bring out the Scandinavian kitchen design feeling by splashing reds, oranges, yellows or blues. This will pop a few color areas that aren’t often seen in a traditional Scandinavian room. Neutral colors will allow you to create a truly functional space, rather than an eyesore. If you can pull out all the color in the room, use black and white contrasting colors on the walls and then add in some accent colors, such as burgundy or mauve, this will create that warm Scandinavian feel.

Tips for Finding Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets and Doors

When sourcing Scandinavian kitchen cabinetry and doors, it’s important to remember that the word Nordic is actually a translation of the Latin term “noster” meaning “of the North”. This gives us two great choices when selecting Scandinavian kitchen furniture – traditional lines or more modern clean lines. Many people don’t think that choosing traditional finishes like timber is a possibility, but it’s not. Finishes such as distressed or unpainted, along with other finishes like distressed pine, are still very common among Scandinavian country kitchens.

Another great characteristic of the Scandinavian kitchen is the emphasis on woodworking throughout the home. Although you may be more accustomed to seeing a modern kitchen, many families have chosen a home with traditional woodwork throughout. This type of wood used in the kitchen includes flooring, shelving, tables, storage units and chests. In fact, the more basic woodworking techniques are often used to create stunning looking finishes and pieces for the entire home.

Natural Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design also focuses on open floor plans and lots of storage space. Since the concept of a” Scandinavian style kitchen” means an area where natural materials are used, you’ll find plenty of open shelving and storage space in a typical Scandinavian kitchen. If your family is large, you can even use white bedroom furniture for a stylish, contemporary finish. Even children’s bedroom furniture such as bunk beds and play desks can be made from natural materials.

The final characteristic of the Scandinavian kitchen design style is the use of natural stone or timber in the flooring and furniture. Often this includes stone countertops or timber cabinets, which are finished using light wood colours. Wood and stone worktops add a sense of warmth to a room, and darker colours, such as ash or walnut, work better in smaller areas. You might also use natural stone on your splashbacks (although black and white tiles are more modern). The advantage of stone worktops and splashbacks is that they are hard wearing and can take years of knocks and drops without becoming damaged.

A traditional Scandinavian kitchen is characterised by warm tones. This is reflected in the colours of the woodwork and the colours of the appliances. Often the walls are painted in earth tones, which help to create a homely atmosphere, whilst giving the lightest touch of colour and finishing touches to the glass surfaces. Glass worktops are a great way to reflect light; so you can achieve a very modern look, while giving your homely surroundings a subtle nod to classic styles. Natural stone and timber flooring finish off this warm and inviting look, with lots of open spaces, which is great for entertaining.

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