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Stunning Dining Room Designs

Okikiko.com – Dining rooms are no longer simply utilitarian spaces; they’re opportunities for designers to make grand statements that elevate everyday meals and cocktail parties alike. Take a cue from these stunning dining room designs to add a dash of drama to your own home.

One of the Hottest Trends with Mixing Decoration Styles

Mixing decorating styles is one of the hottest trends to try. For example, a leafy wallpaper and blue wishbone chairs infuse this dining area with tropical style. A dining room is the perfect place to play with cool contrast. Here, classic white furniture is complemented by black chairs and a white fish chandelier to create a timeless aesthetic.

Dining rooms offer a great opportunity to flex your design muscles and add personality with a bold choice of wall color or a unique textured wall piece. Earthy trends such as cane furniture and dried plants (via Birdie Fortescue) can help keep a formal dining room from feeling stuffy. Even a casual dining room can leave an impression with luxurious touches like gold trim. In this small space, a gold-and-cream-colored wallpaper from Hygge & West accentuates the dining chairs and brings an antique feel to the room.

Even if you can’t afford to install a golden accent wall, small accents of the metal color can add an elegant effect. The wrought-iron light fixture in the pictured dining room is just enough to balance out the pale palette without feeling overdone. Bohemian style is a perfect match for dining rooms, where different fabrics and materials can be combined to create an organic look. In this chic nook, faux fur throws and a woven table runner add texture to a clean, modern space. Houseplants and framed artwork complete the natural aesthetic.

Its Neutral Color Scheme Makes It Easy To Pair With Other Designs

For a more subtle bohemian touch, try this botanical wallpaper. Its neutral color scheme makes it easy to pair with other designs, including bold furniture or wall art. Minimalist decor doesn’t have to mean stark white spaces. Look to the colors of wood, woven rugs and metals for ways to add subtle texture in your dining room. Explore unique wall art ideas and unique millwork or cladding options to make a statement in your open-plan dining space. A gold leaf wall hanging and oversized chandelier do the trick in this tropical-themed minimalist dining area.

The latest dining room trends break from a single interior style, allowing you to mix rustic with modern or industrial with glam. Midwest designer Brit Arnesen did just that with her dining area, combining natural wood tones and a mix of traditional and contemporary chairs. A live-edge table, also known as a raw edge or natural wood dining room table, is a great way to add texture and an organic feel to the space. This style leaves one or two sides of the wood untouched, giving each piece its own unique look.

Pale blue walls, woven lighting and velvet chairs make this small dining room stand out with style. This table by HGTV Dream Homes designer Jaime Hayon is an elegant focal point that easily seats eight. Artwork can bring style and function to a dining room, especially when it matches the table or chairs. Matching frames and subjects can also help pieces look harmonious when displayed close together.

Setting the Atmosphere to Look Good

Natural subjects, such as flowers and leaves, look great on framed wall hangings. In this dining area, a tropical theme sets the mood and ties in the blue wishbone chairs and woven lighting. If your shelving has a mix of styles, the key to keeping things looking cohesive is in the color palette. Here, black built-ins stand out against the white decor on the shelves.

Dining rooms provide a perfect opportunity to explore bold color schemes and decorative accents that might be too loud in a more often-used living room. For example, this stunning dining room from Raili CA Design features a floor-to-ceiling bar that’s both functional and stylish with the help of blond wood cabinets. The simple cabinet style ensures that the bar will still work well if the homeowner decides to redecorate in the future. Shelves and drawers are a good place to store serveware, tablecloths, and formal dinnerware.

Even though dining rooms tend to exude a more serious tone, you can still bring in bold accents that speak to your personality. For example, this worldly space by Ida York Interiors is layered with unexpected textures and patterns. Wide wall stripes in tonal hues add interest to a dining room. Here, the blogger at Lolly Jane uses them to frame a collection of herbs that play up the theme of her dining table runner. This simple idea creates a fresh, stylish focal point.

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