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Give Your Decorating Ideas a Vintage Twist

Okikiko.com – Looking for the right furniture for your home office? There are so many great options for you. Depending on who you are, add just the right touches to create a cozy, romantic, elegant, or simply sophisticated space. In this article, I’m going to share with you some classic pieces that are perfect for creating a vintage home office.

Vintage Style Wall Decoration

Before I begin, I want to point out the importance of vintage style wall decorations. Vintage wall decorations are extremely resilient, and they will last for years! If you add just the right colors, and a few decorative throw pillows, your entire office can be transformed into a vintage haven! Varying textures, bold colors and delicate accents are key to creating your vintage style office. I would also recommend buying vintage-themed artwork, and wall decorations in all the popular themes.

Vintage Home Office Space Modern Design Office Desk and Chairs I would suggest getting comfortable chairs and desk for your home office space. These items are incredibly common, and they’re surprisingly affordable. You can find them at office supply stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores, and many other places. Depending on the era of your furniture, you can select from many different colors, materials, styles, and shapes. Your entire office can be furnished within budget, and I highly suggest it.

Vintage Home Office Furniture

Vintage Home Office Furniture Vintage Style Desks and Desk lamps: Again, these are extremely common, and they’re surprisingly affordable as well. You can easily find them in office supply stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores, and several other locations. Try to stay away from modern style desk and chair choices, because they’ll make your home office feel dated, and out of date.

Modern Home Office Furniture Faux Bluestone Desks and Chairs: Okay, this one might actually be a little pricey, but these are actually super durable, and they’ll last for years to come. If you need to cover a desk or chair with faux blue stone, you can get these in various colors and textures. Try to stay away from the usual faux blue stone colors, as they’re simply not attractive! Get something like a darker, more earth tone colored faux blue stone to really tie the look together.

Vintage Home Office Wall Decor Here’s where you can really let your imagination go wild, if that’s what you choose to do. You can go crazy with your home office desk and chair decorations. Try a wrought iron, wood, marble, or brass look. You can even buy gorgeous fake leather wall decoration and place it in between your faux bluestone desk. If you have enough money, you can even have real leather put into the wall decor for an authentic, timeless look.

Home Office Vintage Desk and Chair

Vintage Home Office Chair Your home office desk and chair should be comfortable. That’s key. If you find yourself spending all day at your desk, then it’s probably time to invest in some comfortable furniture. Thankfully, many companies now manufacture very comfortable home office chairs that would be right at home in any era. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these vintage pieces, just look around the office furniture section and you’ll definitely find some that would make your workspace more comfortable than ever.

There’s no doubt that classic and vintage style design elements can make your home office space more appealing and functional. The key is to pick the right one for your own personal tastes. And luckily, today there’s plenty to choose from. From faux blue stone to sturdy, industrial looking industrial wood cabinets, there’s plenty to choose from. So now it’s up to you – choose your favorite and make your workspace more stylish than ever!

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