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5 Ways to Transform Your Small Vintage Bathroom

Okikiko.com – Small Bathtubs and Small Bathrooms: vintage-style bathrooms can look great in the hands of a skilled craftsman. However, if this is the first time you are building a bathroom, you may not have all of the skills necessary to create a beautiful and practical small bathroom. Fortunately, you do not need any carpentry skills whatsoever, as there are many do-it-yourself products that are available to provide the functionality and beauty you desire. Many of these products are actually very affordable and will make your bathroom remodel an easy and inexpensive process. Here are some ideas for small bathrooms, whether you are building from scratch or updating an existing bathroom:

Consider Using Wood for Flooring

Use Tiled Flooring: While you may think that tiling your bathroom floor is out of your price range, think again. It is true that tiled floors add a unique character to your bathroom. The problem lies with the fact that they are usually not constructed well enough to withstand moisture, so you should consider using wood as your flooring material. You could also use vinyl tile along the bottom of your bathroom. If you have old wood flooring that has been painted, lightly sand it down and then refinish it using a sealer. Your new tile flooring will add a wonderful accent to any room, but be sure to choose a design that coordinates with your decor.

Use Fixtures With Character: Vintage bathrooms often featured massive, ornate fixtures, such as large porcelain vanities, elaborate tile work, and large brass knobs and handles. Today, you have even more options when selecting the perfect fixtures for your small bathroom. One great option is to select wrought iron features that feature hand-applied finishes. In addition to making your bathroom appear larger than it is, these rustic metal fixtures will allow you to incorporate the look of wood without the maintenance and wear that accompanies wood.

Use Bold Colors: While bold colors such as red and maroon can help to give your bathroom a large and dramatic appearance, they can also make small bathrooms seem even smaller. To make your small bathroom feel like it has the bold colors of a larger space, choose a wallpaper border that matches your countertop color or paint in the same color as your wall. Alternatively, choose a bold color to contrast with your bathroom walls, such as a deep forest green or a bright red, both of which will give your walls the appearance of aged brick.

Tips for Adding Vintage Charm To Your Bathroom

Use Clawfoot Tub and Handmade Sinks: There is something romantic about having a clawfoot tub in your bathroom. You may also want to include vintage-style clawfoot tubs in your bathroom remodel. For a truly unique look, add a beautiful antique bronze clawfoot tub to your remodeling project. To add the vintage charm to your bath, add a cast iron, tiled or polished marble surround to your bathroom sink. Add a vintage faucet and you have added another touch to your bathroom.

Use Antique Tiles and Flooring: One easy way to add interest to small bathrooms is to use old-fashioned tile and wood flooring. You may also want to choose an antique ceramic sink to match your faucets. To achieve a more modern look to your bathroom, choose a laminate or stainless steel sink with a brushed chrome faucet. Use rugs on the flooring and in the shower area for a unique look. You can find beautiful rugs at any home store or online.

Considering Installing the Best Angle Shower Tray

Add a Shower Tray: A small bathroom can feel very cramped when there is no place to sit and enjoy a relaxing soak. Consider installing a corner shower tray that will add more room in your small bathroom. You can also purchase a shower bench that will sit right in the corner of your bathroom.

Use Modern Furniture: Although it is traditional to choose white bathroom furniture, you don’t have to stick to the drab white color. Purchase a large faucet to replace the small one that sits in your bathtub. If your bathroom is small, consider a corner steam kit to heat your bathtub water. Use a vintage clawfoot tub instead of a modern unit to add luxury and class to your small vintage bathroom design.

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