How to Forget the Person You Love? Check Out the Simple Ways Here!

how to forget the person you love

Forgetting someone that we really love is surely a hard thing to do especially if they are our boy/girlfriend. Maybe it is not hard for some people but, some others find it difficult to do. That is why we wrote this article so it can help you who face this problem. We already prepared some of the ways that you can try about how to forget the person you love. These ways can be tried by both boys or girls so let us just take a look!

Throw Away Everything from Him/Her

The first thing that you should do to forget the person you love is by throwing away all the things that make you remember them. It can be photos or paintings of you and him/her, their gifts such as clothes, jewelry, and etc. These things can live up your memories with them and could lead to emotional feelings which make you remember them always and make you feel pain and sad to think about it. So, take all those things away from you so you can forget them soon and move on.

Do Not Make Contact with Him/Her Too Often

Some people say that if we cannot make a close relationship with our mate anymore, we can still be friends. That is true actually. But, it is just for the people who can forget their past and move on easily. If we are hard to move on and forget the past it is hard to make a friendship with our ex. That is why if we cannot do that, just do not make a contact with him/her too often or maybe never contacting them anymore so you can forget them gradually.

Open Your Heart to Another Person

In order to forget your ex, there is nothing wrong to find a new boy/girlfriend to fill your empty heart. Just make a closer relationship with someone that you think will be a good person for you. If you have made that relationship then, just open your heart and let them in to fill it. Maybe you will feel a strange feeling to do it. But actually, it means that you are okay, it is normally will happen. If you have made a further relationship with him/her, you will forget your past with the person you love before.

Think About Your Future

Thinking about your future is one of the best ways to forget the person you love after breaking up. This way is really effective actually. As we know that we should not be sad all the time because we still have a long journey in the future. Just think what will you do in the future or think about something that will make you feel happier. There are still a lot of things that you can do rather than sad.


Now, just follow all of the ways on how to forget the person you love that we have given above. We are very sure that these ways will help you a lot because they are based on our own experience. So, if you still need more inspiration or have something to ask, do not be shy to ask us in the comment box below!

How to Get a Good Job || Exclusive Information on!

how to get a good job

Looking for a job is really easy. But find a good one is not that easy. You need work extra hard to achieve that. If you seriously want to find a good one, there is always a way to find it. If you do not know what you need to do anymore, you can see the information how to get a good job from ours. This is based on our experience.

Work Harder

The first key you must do in order to get a job is work harder. We are sure many company love a person who work harder than anyone else. Sometimes, the company will give you the recommendation to work on a higher division because your talent exceeds their expectation. That is why always work seriously in any job. Your effort will bear a fruit someday if you do not give up halfway.

Know Your Skill

A good job required a good skill. Before you can find one, know your skill. Think what your talent and skill. It is futile you apply on a good company but it does not match your skill, you only waste your time for sure. Realize what you capable off is a good thing.

get a job


Quit Your Current Job

It is up to you wants to continue your old job or seek a better one. The choice is yours. But if you think your current job do not help your financial at all, there is no a good reason to stay. That is why before you quit, you must find a good job which suitable for you. We know for sometimes you will become jobless but it is better rather than you work and do not get enough salary to cover your daily life.

Do not Let the Chance Go Away

When you apply for multiple jobs and all the company asks you an interview, we recommend you answer all the call. Do not depend on one company, it is not guaranteed you success in a first try. If you go to multiple companies at once, your chance will rise even more to a get a good job.


Now, you already what you need to do in order to find a good job. We know there are many obstacles in your way. But do not give up to make your dream come true. We also have a good job recommendation. You can become a YouTuber, it will not take a lot of time and it is quite easy for everyone to understand the job mechanism. See also the best way to become a good YouTuber.

Tips to Become a Good Youtuber | Check This Out to Get the Tips!

tips to become a good youtuber

Being a Youtuber has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Many people want to become a Youtuber because they can get famous although they are not a celebrity. Besides, they can also get a lot of money just by making and sharing videos to the Youtube. But, to become a Youtuber is not as easy as it seems. We need to know and prepare a lot of things before we really make our videos and upload it. And here, we have some tips to become a Youtuber that will help you to achieve your dream.

Think About Your Content

think about the content

Before we start our career as a Youtuber, we need to decide what kind of video content that we want to create. If we like to play games, we can make a review of a game and we will become a gaming Youtuber. Or if we have a good voice and love to sing, we can make a video of covering songs. So, it would be better if we create a content which is based on our hobbies. If we create a content based on it, we can create a really good content because we have a lot of knowledge about it. As the result, we will have a lot of subscribers, viewers, and etc.

Make a Good and Creative Content

make a good content

Content is everything in being a Youtuber as it is the thing that we are trying to sell to people. That is why making a good content is really important. Make a video as creative as we can to attract the people’s attention to watch our video. We have to do some editing in order to get a creative content. If we are lack of knowledge about editing video, we can learn it first. Then, our video will be better rather than we uploading a video which does not get any editing at all.

Do Not Copy the Other Youtuber’s Content

We have to keep this in our mind because it is one of the most important things to become a good Youtuber. We are sure that you already know that copying something is not allowed as it breaks the rule of copyright. Moreover, if we copying other people’s content, it would not be unique and interesting to watch anymore because the viewers maybe already seen it from the first person who ever creates the content that we are copying. So, just make it yourself and you will get a better video.

Give Response to Our Viewers

Creating and uploading a video is not the only job of a Youtuber. We cannot just make it and leave it after we upload it to Youtube. We also need to check it regularly to see if the viewers are giving a comment, question, or even request. Give them a response if we would like to become a famous Youtuber. Be kind and close to our fans is one thing that a Youtuber should do.


So, are you ready to become a good Youtuber? If so, let us follow all the tips to become a good Youtuber that we have shared above right away. We are sure that you can be a great one someday if you follow all of our tips.

Block Strike Game Review || An Amazing Pixel Shooting Game!

block strike game review

Smartphone indeed becomes the vessel of a unique game. We can find many great games yet unique in this device. If you love Minecraft, you need to play Block Strike to feel the same sensation. We are sure all of you do not familiar with this game. For that sole reason, we already prepared Block Strike game review to help you understand it.


block strike gameplay

This is a simple game which everyone can enjoy without any difficulties. There are many modes you can choose to play. Each mode, provide you a different objective which makes this one more enjoyable. You can move your character use the virtual d-pad and shoot with circle button which appears on the right of the screen. There are many types of gun you can use this game. Do not forget to upgrade it to make it stronger. If you ever played FPS genre, you can adapt to this game quickly.


There are many modes in this game. Here, we will give you the information about it. See the details below.

block strike map

Team Deathmatch

Here, you need to create a team to face against the enemy team. You can invite four people to play the game. In this mode, you need to create a good plan to win the battle. Depend on your teammates to achieve victory.

Zombie Survival

This is the greatest mode ever. You will face against many zombies in this mode. The one who defeats many zombies is the winner in the stage. That is why before the time run out, kill all the zombie which scatter around the stage. For your information, you can also shoot down the NPC but they can do the same to you.

Death Run

You will find a lot of traps in this mode. As a good player, watch out your steps. If you stepped into the trap, you will die instantly. The objective of this mode one player must survive. In other words, what you can do either wait in a safe place or kill the enemies one by one.  

Our Thoughts

We are lucky to find this great game. If you want to play Minecraft game but with a different gameplay, you can choose this one. You will not regret any single bit. There is also a premium currency in this game which you can use to buy a special weapon and so on. But if you do not waste your money you can ignore this one.


That is all about the review. If you find this one helpful, do not forget to give comments. For people who want to see another game information, see the best game website which give you many details. If you decide to play this game, you can use the link below.

This is a great way to earn unlimited currency. You do not need to thank because it does not use who created it. Do not forget to give your thanks to them.

DragonVale Free Gems and Coins | Use This Way to Get Them!

dragonvale free gems and coins

DragonVale currency systems such as Gems and Coins are really needed in this game as they are used to help us in building our dragon kingdom. Both of them have plenty of usefulness which make them are very important. In fact, they are quite difficult to be obtained. But now, you do not need to worry about it anymore as we have the best way to get them easily in a very short time and of course, for free.

What Kind of Way is It?

The way that we are going to share you is by using a tool that can generate both Coins and Gems for you. The tool name is DragonVale Hack. This tool is really awesome as it can give us a lot of those currency systems in a very easy way where we just need to access the tool, insert our username and the number of Gems and Coins that we want, and voila. The Coins and Gems will be transferred to your game account.

Is My Device Can Use It?

If this is the question that you are going to ask us. We can say yes. Why? Because we have tested this tool on several different devices such as Windows, iOS, and Android. And just for your information that we are using the old version of those device platforms at that time to access the tool. But, it still worked perfectly and we can still get the currencies.

Is It Safe?

As we have said above that we already tested this on several devices. So, it means that we have tested it more than once and there is nothing bad happened until this moment. Then, we can say yes for this question. Actually, you do not need to worry because the one that we share with you already protected by a really good anti virus and some other protective tools to keep your device safe. We read it ourselves on the website where we found this generator tool.

How to Use It?

If you want to use this one, it is so easy actually where you just need to access the link that we have given above (the one with the red color). Then, just follow the steps until they ask you to input your username and choose the number of Coins and Gems you want to generate. After that, just wait until you get a notification that your request have been sent to your game account. That is it! And if you still confuse, you can take a look at the instructions that already been given on the website.


So, have you use it? If you have not, you should try it right now. What are you waiting for? Let us generate loads of DragonVale Coins and Gems immediately and make our game progress become better and better.

Differences Between Manga and Comic Books || Know the Secret On Our Blog!

differences between manga and comic books

Manga and comic, these two identical things are same if we look on the surface. We know most people cannot differentiate this because it is the same thing practically. The objective you read a book with a lot of image on it. Now, we will give you the answer about the differences between Manga and Comic Books.

Different Country

The first thing everyone you should know it is about the country. Manga produced for the first time in Japan and Comic is in America. This is really crucial to know this information. We are sure you can differentiate when reading Manga and Comic. In the Manga, you can find many Japanese cultures and focus on that country. It is the same as Comic, you will find a lot of American stuff.

Style of the Book

manga and comic

Usually, Manga uses black and white color, only the cover which has a color on it. As for Comic, you can read it with colorful colors. Also, the size of Manga is small rather than Comic. That is why it is really suitable to read because the size perfectly fits on your hand. For the Comic, the size is quite bigger like a magazine.


manga vs comic characters

Characters from Manga and Comic is really different. Comic tend to have a stronger character from the beginning until the end. Fantastically, all Comic characters rarely to lost to anyone for example like Superman. As for Manga, all characters start in a weaker form. You can see Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. For the first time, all of them really weak but when they begin their own adventure they get stronger in the process.


If we compare between Manga and Comic story, the winner is Manga without a doubt. There is no one who can withstand a long chapter of Manga story. You can see Detective Conan, One Piece, and so on have 700+ chapters. As we searched for the information, it seems the mangaka (Creator) does not have any intentions to end the series yet. Comic also have a long chapter but it is not the continuation of the main story anymore. We can call it a spin-off from the main series.


That is the differences between Manga and Comics. Now, if your friends say to you both of them is same, you can show this article to them. Last but not least, we have a parting gift for you. See the most popular Comic Books characters of all time. Choose your favorite one immediately.

The Worst Games of All Time || Do Not Play it Or You will Regret for the Rest of Your Life!

the worst games of all time

We can find many great games out there which can make our day shine brightly. But do not forget there are also bad games which can turn your day into something miserable. For you who curious the worst games of all time, see the list below. For your information, this is based on our opinion, if do not agree with us do not blame us for anything.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

yaiba ninja gaiden z

From the picture of it, the gameplay is really something. But do not get fooled by the picture only. This game is really insane. We cannot change the difficulty and the enemy is really hard to beat. The concept is quite great actually. Yaiba, the great Ninja beat all the zombies which suddenly appears in the city. For the first time, the game is really enjoyable but bit by bit it is kinda repetitive. The objective is same, beat all the enemy on the map and the game end.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

sonic the hedgehog 2006

Do you think we give you the wrong game title? Of course not. This is the worst Sonic game ever. We know ever Sonic game is really great to play. But if you compare with this one, you will understand what we say. The problem is located in the camera setting and bad sound quality. It is hard to play the game because you cannot move the camera around. As for that, you need a guide to help you in a game like this.

Realms of Arkania Blade of Destiny

realms of arkania blade of destiny

It is really awesome to see an old game get revive again. Realms of Arkania is a good example of the bad remake game. The original one also quite bad honestly but the developer makes it even worst in the remake version. The first one, the localization is not complete yet. You can see German and English text in the game. Also, the characters model look exactly the same as the old one. It is great if they change the characters model to fit the modern one. For the final one, a lot of bugs in the game. So, it is no wonder when you play it the game will force close on its own.

Unlimited Saga

unlimited saga

This RPG really follows the standard RPG elements without change it. Travel to the nearest town, talk to NPC, and boss battle. There is no feature which makes this game really great. What makes this one difference only the characters design, weapons, country, and monsters. Can you find a pleasure to play RPG game like this? The answer is no. It seems the developer does not want to make this game success.

Final Words

What do you think the worst game ever on the list? You do not need to play it, just watch the gameplay video you already know how bad this game is. For all gamers who looking for the best website to know all games information, we have the greatest one you can visit. Click Igogam to visit it right away. You can see many games review, guide, and tips. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Remember, sharing is caring.

Craziest Scientific Experiments in the World || See the Shocking News With Your Own Two Eyes!

craziest scientific experiments in the world

People who loved science will like this one very much. If you dare to do a crazy experiment like this, you can consider yourself as a mad scientist. That is enough for the chitchat, you can see right away the craziest scientific experiments in the world. Do not ever try this one because it is quite dangerous and it will change your personality completely into a different person.

Two Headed Dog

two headed dog

American Physiologist, Charles Claude Guthrie is a great person who won Nobel Prize for the great medicine he created. But some people do not know the dark secret he hides. According to the information which we get, he secretly does a transplant experiment. He uses a dog as a scapegoat. He aims to combine two head of dogs on one body. His experiment success but it is only for temporarily and the dog died in the process.

Raising the Dead

raising the dead

The prodigy child, Robert E. Cornish who graduated from University of California at the age of 18. He has an idea to bring back the dead to live. It is quite creepy actually to think about that. For that reason, he begins an experiment with the dead animal. First of all, he gets the blood sample of the animal.  After that, he injected Epinephrine and Anticoagulants. But the experiments failed because the animal suffers blindness and brain damage. This is considered as a dangerous experiment ever which perform in this world.

Animal Mind Control

animal mind control

In 1963, Jose Delgado made a crazy invention called Stimoceiver. The purpose of this device is to control the animal emotion. In order to equip the chip, they need to do a surgery and plant it in the animal skull. We do not know more details about this one whether this one success or not. Remember, an animal is a living being, we cannot do anything we want like that.

Sleep Phenomenon

sleep phenomenon

Sleep researcher, Ian Oswald want to know why a person can fell asleep through anything. In 1960, he begins his experiment. He tapped open the volunteer eyes and expose a flashlight 50 cm in front of them. Not only that but also he played a music to them. He does the same with another volunteer. Surprisingly most of them fell asleep in 12 minutes. So, he concluded regular and repetitive activity can make human fell asleep easily.


What do you think about the crazy experiment above? We are sure some of you mad at them. It is an evil thing to do. Last but not least, we also have the list of deep sea animal in the world which you can see by clicking the bold words above. You will see many creatures which beyond your imagination.


Hill Climb Racing Guide || Reach the Top of the Hill With Our Help!

hill climb racing guide

The protagonist of the game, Newton Bill have a dream to reach the highest hill with his vehicle. So, do you already make the dream of Bill come true? If the answer is yes, you can use our Hill Climb Racing guide to grant that wishes.

Slowly But Surely

This is the main motto of the game. Just go slowly because you do not know what kind of road you will encounter ahead. This is a crazy game which can lead you to destruction. In order to prevent that, you need to go slowly. But if the road is secure, you can go all out. This game not only about speed but also your strategy is required to pass through each stage easily.

Match Your Vehicle With the Stage

In this game, you cannot choose your favorite vehicle. You tend to change your vehicle because of the circumstance of the stage. For example, if you are in the dessert stage. Do not take the light heavy vehicle because it will move really slow. Before you can reach the fuel tanks, you already lost on the way. In this case, light vehicle is the king of all. Be sure to examine the stage first in order to reach the finish line without any problem.


You can perform a trick on all vehicles. But you need to choose the one which suitable to perform the best one. In this case, you can use a bicycle because this is the greatest one which can help you. If you use a car, it will be hard to maintain the balance. If you already a pro in this game, you can use any vehicles to perform any tricks you want without any problem.

hill climb racing gameplay

Upgrade Your Engine

There are four aspects of the vehicles you can upgrade from tires, engine, suspension, and 4WD. We recommend you focus on the engine aspect because it will increase your fuel capacity in your vehicles. Keep upgrading it to the max amount. So, you can do many tricks on the stage without worrying about your fuel empty quickly. Do not need to be afraid to spend your coins. It is really worth for doing so.


If you still need our help, do not hesitate to give a comment below. We will reply it right away. You can also use our instant way to solve all the problem in this game. Just visit Hill Climb Racing generator to obtain free coins. We are sure a lot of people love it very much. If you need another game guide, we have the best website which you can see right away. Do not forget to click the bold words to see it with your own two eyes.

The Most Popular Comic Book Characters of All Time

the most popular comic book characters

Do you love to read a comic book? If you like to read it then, you must have at least one of the comic book character that you love the most, right? And talking about the comic book characters now, we are going to tell you 5 of the most popular comic book characters until this moment. So, if you are curious about who are the comic book characters which included in the list, just check out the information below!



The first comic book character which is very popular is Wolverine. Actually, he is one the characters of X-Men series. But, because of his popularity than the other characters in that comic book. the writer makes the spin-off story about him entitled Wolverine. He becomes so popular because of his abilities where he can pull out the sharp claws from his both hands and of course, the exciting stories to read.



For the people who do not like to read the comic book, they must not know about this one until he finally appeared in the movie. But, if you like to read the comic book, you must know about Deadpool. He is one of the most popular comic book superheroes for a long time because he is really different than any other superheroes in the comic book. We are sure that we do not need to explain it to you, right?



Who does not like Spiderman? Every people must love the superhero which can pull out a web from his both hands and climb the wall like a spider. Until this moment, Spiderman is the most popular comic book character from the Marvel comic. This must be because of the stories of Spiderman in eradicating crime and facing powerful enemies which are so exciting and thrilling to read.



Strong, fast, and cannot be destroyed by any kind of weapon are just some of Superman’s amazing abilities. He is perfect and almost has no weakness. That is why Superman’s comic book is really popular all over the world because many people idolize him a lot. People love to read his interesting stories especially when he uses all his great abilities to defeat his enemies.



The last superhero character which is so popular in the comic book is Batman from DC. Every people must know him, even our parent must know him as well. We do not know exactly why so many people love to read Batman’s comic book. He even does not have any superpower although maybe his wealth is his real superpower LOL. But, we should admit that his story in the comic book is really worth to read because it is so exciting.


That is all 5 of the most popular comic book characters until this moment. So, which one of those superhero characters from the comic book that you love the most? You can tell us your favorite one and the reason why by writing in the comment box that we have given below.

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