Release Stress by Taking a Walk

release stress by taking a walk

Today I want to share with you tips on how to release stress by taking a walk. Well, everyone must have a little stress factor in their life, right? So, I want to give you how to release stress with daily activity like take a walk on your free time.

Release Stress By Taking A Walk

Well, not many people knowing about the advantages of taking a walk. There are so many people just think there are no benefits of taking a walk because taking a walk is just our daily activity. However, according to science research, people who like to walk are more healthy than people who use motorcycle or car. So, I will try to explain you a few health advantages of taking a walk.

  1. Release stress by taking a walk, easy and cheap to do.
  2. Good for your heart health. Taking a walk 30 minutes a day can help you maintain your heart health because taking a walk also can reduce 40% of heart attack risk. This will also lower your cholesterol level. So, what are you waiting for?
  3. Reduce your weight. Walking with fast steps for 30 minutes every day, you will burn 150 calories every day. However, even you are doing some exercise like walking. That’s will not guaranteeing your health.
  4.  Increase your immune system. With taking a walk as your new routine, you will help your body to increase your immune system because your body will release a toxic when you are sweating after doing some exercise.
  5. Prevent osteoporosis, by routinely doing a walk you will prevent your bone from getting depletion. With doing this you can make your bone healthier.

After reading a few benefits by taking a walk. Now the question is how? If we are a busy person, or maybe some us are a lazy person. So, the question is how? Well, I think not many of us have a free time right? So, I will give you some Tips to do a little exercise in your busy time.

Tips From Me When You Are Busy

Well, if you think you are a busy person and didn’t have enough free time to do some easy exercise. I think I need to give some little tips when to taking a walk if you are a busy person.

  1. Try to do some little walk in your office. When you are wasting most of your time in your office and you spent most of your time to sitting down and doing your work. Maybe this is a nice tip for you. Try to walk and do some warm up in your office. This will also help your body to relax your muscle.
  2. Try to take stairs than using the elevator or lift. Don’t be lazy guys. Why you waste a chance to take a little exercise when you can do it. It’s a little exercise and will not spend much of your time, right?

Well, I think this information about release stress by taking a walk is useful for you. However, if you find this article useful for you please click the share button guys. Ok, see you in my next article guys.

What a True Love is? Do You Think You Have it?

Tips to find a true love

True love is something important that everyone should have. So, what is the meaning of true love? Do you want to have it? Of course, you have. However, to find a true love is not really easy thing to do as you. This is not about loving someone else too big. Right?

Major people could not understand what is true love. They think that their true love is their couple at this time. What a true love then? Is it about a married couple? Even though, married couple could be divorced too. So, what is that?

A true love is about how we fill each other. It is about running your life together. Understand each other and share your happiness to complete your love. Sometimes, people could have misunderstood and so in your relation. If you face a misunderstanding, one of you should think coldly. One thing to be considered if you face it. “If we take a brick of a house one by one everyday, that house would be ruined someday”. Just like in your relation. If you hurt your couple often, your relation will be broke.

To have a true love is not easy, once again you have to find a suitable couple before you are going to serious relation such as married. The first time we meet, we would feel comfortable because we do not each other. What his/her character is? All we know is to share our love then enjoy the rest of the day. Nevertheless, after a couple week or month knowing each other we could feel the difference. If the difference is not really far from your zone. It should be okay.

Some people could broke their relation because they could not understand each other or they have so many difference. Here, I have some tips for you to prevent it but if the difference is too far from your safe zone. You’d better skip it and find another one.

Tips to find a true love

  1. Don’t love him/her too much. Couple, engagement, and married is just about a status. The necessary thing is we are a partner that will stay together in this life
  2. Don’t strive too deep you if haven’t know about his/her character, after you understand each other you can bound your relation deeper.
  3. Be more open, if you have a problem you have to tell your couple and find a solution together but we have to keep secret a problem that could trigger a trouble. Then tell it when he/she is in a good condition
  4. Don’t ever ask your friend or your surrounding. If you think your couple is your true love. Then, just do it. Sometimes, a high chance of a breaking relation triggered because of people around us which affecting us.

So, that is all about a true love. If you have a true love. You have to considered a step above because it could be important for you. Don’t make a status if you could not understand your couple. To you who want to find a true love, good luck then!

True Love


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