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Tips and Tricks For People With a Long Torso

okikiko.comThere are many tips and tricks for people with a Long Torso. You can try to shorten your torso by adding a belt. Or, you can wear contrasting colors that make your legs look longer. There are many other tricks to shorten your torso. A pair of contrasting heels can also make your legs look longer. For swimwear, you need to wear a bikini that emphasizes the length of your tummy.

Avoid wearing pants with wide-legged pants

First, know your torso length. This is measured from the base of your neck to the top of your hip bone. If you are shorter than this number, you should consider wearing short-sleeved tops. If you have a long torso, you should wear long-sleeved shirts. You should also avoid wearing pants with wide-leg pants. This will make your thighs look smaller.

A long torso is a common body type. Women with long torsos have shorter legs and hips. Despite being a pear-shaped shape, anyone can have a long torso. The secret is to focus on the top portion of your body. Dressing for your torso length can help you avoid getting a tummy-hugging bra. You can also wear a high-waisted t-shirt instead of short-sleeve tops.

Women with long bodies tend to have more curved hips

The length of your torso can also make your legs look longer. For example, long-torso women tend to have curvier hips. For women with long t-short torsos, a long-sleeved shirt can help to balance out the look. You can try wearing a one-piece skirt to enhance the overall length of your legs. You should also avoid wearing a mini skirt or a dress with short legs.

If your torso is longer than the average for your height, you should avoid wearing short-sleeved tops. This can cause the top to stick out. A long-sleeved top will make your torso appear longer. If you have a long-sleeved torso, you should also wear a one-piece that offers coverage and flatters your body. For a more feminine look, you can try wearing a t-shirt underneath a short-sleeved top.

Long-sleeved tops can help you look slimmer

While a long-sleeved top can make your legs appear longer, it does not necessarily make you look shorter. A long-sleeved top can help you look slimmer. A short-sleeved top should have a low-slung torso. It should be paired with a skirt that accentuates your waist and a belt that fits your waist. The longer torso will give you a longer-sleeved shirt.

If your torso is long, you should wear short-sleeved tops. You can wear short-sleeved top t-shirts to cover your torso and keep you warm during the colder months. If your torso is too long, you should choose short-sleeved tops in a dark color. However, you should also wear dresses that emphasize the top of your torso.

Asymmetric fashion style will give her a slimmer figure


For women with a Long Torso, the most important thing to remember is to dress according to your torso length. Women with a long torso tend to have curvier hips than short-sleeved women. In addition, a long-torso woman should avoid wearing long-sleeved tops and short-sleeved skirts. Asymmetrical clothing style will give her a slimmer figure.

The long torso is a vertical body shape with long legs and short torso. It is common in women with a long torso and short legs. Some famous examples of celebrities with a thigh-length torso include Danni Minogue, Adriana Lima, Mariah Carey, and Naomi Campbell. The thigh-length thigh vertical body shape is more flattering to women with a long sleeve.

It is important to wear clothes that accentuate the body

In general, women with a long torso tend to have a lower hip-line than women with a short torso. In addition, their torsos are shorter than average. Therefore, it is important to wear clothes that highlight your torso. For instance, a short-torso woman should avoid wearing too-tight clothes. For long-torso women, tights can make the legs appear longer.

Having a long torso is not a bad thing. A long torso makes you look attractive, and a long torso makes you look taller. A long thigh will make you look shorter than a short torso. The short torso is an advantage for those with a long thigh. If you have a thigh, it can be a great way to increase your height.

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