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How to Create an Asian Theme in a Small Dining Room

Okikiko.com – A small Asian dining room can be a creative solution to your small living space dilemma. Whether you are trying to spruce up your dining space for a special occasion or just trying to make an inviting space on a limited budget, a small Asian dining room is a great idea. The fact is that the size of a room generally correlates to its price and with smaller rooms, the savings can be substantial. Here are a few tips for maximizing your small Asian dining room space.

Amazing Dining Table Style

Keep it Simple. There are many different styles of dining tables available and while some have drawers and shelves, others just hold flat surfaces. Take the time to find the table that works best in your dining room space by keeping it simple yet elegant.

Choose a Contemporary Design. Contemporary designs tend to be on the small side. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and you can even get them in wood with a glass tabletop. Since they are on the small size, they allow you to save money on dining room furniture because they don’t take up a lot of space. Since most small Asian dining rooms are between five to eight feet long, this should give you plenty of space to play around with. With today’s variety of materials available, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a table that fits into your budget.

Tips for Organizing an Asian Minor Dining Room

Be Smart about how you set things up. The last thing you want to do is have your small Asian dining room set up like a cabinet. With cabinets, there are usually only a few pieces and they all take up valuable floor space, which often makes it difficult to actually enjoy dining in your new room. In small spaces, make sure you make the most out of your space by grouping items together. If you have a small table that needs a cupboard underneath, then group those items together so they will all fit neatly inside.

Another thing to think about is the lighting in your small dining room. Since you will be playing some Asian music in your room, you might want to look at putting up some ceiling lights. Or, if you really want to add to the Asian theme, then put up a small Asian style chandelier. Either way, these lights will add a touch of color and culture that will help set the mood for your small Asian dining room.

Choosing Beautiful Dining Room Candles

Don’t forget to get some candles for your small dining room. Candles are great because they are very easy to incorporate into your design scheme. Most of them are fairly inexpensive and you can find some candles that are specifically made to go with Asian themes. If you are thinking about a traditional candle design, then you can find some votive candles that will definitely bring life to your small dining room. For a more modern feel, try looking for some taper candles.

For added ambiance, why not place a small Buddha sculpture on your table? This will definitely be an eye catcher and will add to the overall effect of your dining room. You can find a wide variety of Asian Buddha sculptures online, so take your time in finding one that best suits your dining room.

These are just a few ideas for adding some Asian touches to your small dining room. The important thing is to have fun with it and stay within your budget. Once you start using this theme, you will definitely fall in love with it. Your small dining room will quickly become one of your favorite places in the house. And who knows, once you have fallen in love with this theme, you might just want to expand your Asian theme throughout your home.

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