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Mobile Legends Item Build For Estes, Make Your Healer Unbeatable

There are so many people who try to find the best MOBA games on the internet. Well, some people find it and the other give up finding it. Some people who find their dream game, always and always trying to be at their best. They have their own ambition and their only ambition is to reach the peak of the ladder board whatever it takes. So, to help those ambitious people, this morning, I will try to give you my best Mobile Legends item build for the newest hero in this game. Are you curious? Do you want to try it? Let’s find out more information about it now on my website.

Mobile Legends Item Build For Estes

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Well even though there are so many free MOBA games out there. I still prefer Mobile Legends, I know there are so many people will ask why and you too will ask why right? Honestly, I love how this game can represent their character with a unique background story. This game also easy to play, that’s why I choose this game rather than any other game.

However, even for me, this game is so easy to play, there are still several people who can’t play this game. That’s why I will suggest you play with Estes first before you try another hero with higher difficulty level.

Estes Build

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Honestly, playing Estes isn’t as hard as you think. Estes is supporting hero and his unique skill will help your team in difficult time and will be very useful in the team fight. That’s why sometimes enemies with higher experience in this game will aim this hero first before they kill another hero in your team.

So, if you gonna try this hero, all you need to do to keep yourself on the safe distance and make up some proper item for your survivability. Here is some item that I prefer to make every time I use Estes.

  1. Try to make up magic shoes.
    • All of you must be asking why I suggest this item right? Well, it’s because this item will grant you 10% minus cooldown that will make the cooldown of your heal cooldown become faster and faster. This is also my best Mobile Legends trick because if I have low cooldown heal, my team will become unbeatable as long as I life, right?
  2. Enchanted talisman is your second life.
    • Why do I say like that? Because Estes is a healer and he needs tons of mana to survive on the battlefield. Can you imagine Estes run out of mana in the middle of war? Then I think you should make this item for sure.
  3. Immortality will make sure you do your job fully.
    • Well because you are defenseless and you are just a support. I really suggesting you make this item. Why? Because everyone needs a second life right? This is your second chance and your only hope to escape from the battlefield if the situation is unfavorable.
  4. You run away but enemies try to chase you down? Winter Truncheon is the answer!
    • Why can I say like that? Because this item will freeze and lower the movement speed for anyone who hit you when your health point is lower than 30%. Isn’t that amazing? This item also provides 40 armor that will make your hero a lot tankier.

So, I think my review about Mobile Legends item build is ended here. If you think my review today os useful for you, please share my review today with your friends who is a Mobile Legends lover. Thanks for coming and reading my article today See you soon guys and have a nice day.

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