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How to Create Shabby Chic Interior Design

Okikiko.com – If you’re ready to update your shabby chic furniture, this article has some tips for you. Distressing the finish on your furniture can be a fun next step. This top-rated article has several beautiful tips for dressing up your shabby chic house.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Furniture

You can soften the lines of shabby chic furniture by using faded aged lace and piecing on new distressed wood pieces. Choose pieces with floral accents or intricate carvings. Vintage pieces with clean lines are best. Distressed antique wood is also very elegant. For shabby chic furniture with harmonious lines, choose wrought iron and delicate stools made from metal with little porcelain detail. These will both soften the lines and add interest.

In terms of color, shabby chic furniture can be very versatile. You have a wide range of colors to choose from: cool blues, warm pinks, earthy neutrals, burnt orange, and even taupe! Your interior design palette will be your guide in choosing the right colors for your furnishings. Look for neutral furnishings in primary colors. In addition, use basic window treatments of organza, lace, and velvet to accessorize your interior design scheme.

Choose a Color That Matches The Furniture

Many of the shabby chic furniture pieces are quite unique. Try out a few different color palettes, but stay away from dark woods. For your shabby chic furniture, opt for light-colored woods, such as pine. Wicker, rattan, and jute can also be used to create your own unique interior design style.

Corollary to the color palette, try coasters with a natural or pastel color. Some great choices for this interior design style are stemware, bone China, salt and pepper shakers, and vases with flowers, leaves, or vines. To complete your shabby chic furniture look, you should also compliment this with beautiful floral prints and pillows on your sofa, loveseat, chair, and accent chairs.

Create a Unique and Stylish Look

For shabby chic furniture that is distressed, you can achieve a very stylish and unique look by purchasing distressed wood. Look for hardware that matches the distressed wood. A great choice would be to purchase distressed wood that is peeling or has a worn finish. There are many distressed wood pieces that can be used to create beautiful shabby chic furniture.

For shabby chic furniture with a pastel color, try picking out pastel shades that are peachy, pink, purple, or light blue. To achieve a vintage look, select pastels that are a pastel blue, green, rose, or gray. The distressed or weathered wood will also help to add a whimsical touch to your space. You can also find antique furniture pieces in this decorating style; many times these antique pieces have been refinished and repaired, so they are beautiful, restored, and long-lasting.

If you want to achieve the shabby chic furniture paint look by using chalk, start by choosing chalk furniture paint that is designed for use on wood surfaces. Once you have selected your desired look, apply a coat of this chalk paint in layers, allowing plenty of time between each layer, to allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Then, using a soft cloth, wipe down the chalked surfaces with the same clear, but gentle, chalk paint.

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