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Decorating Your Shabby Chic Basement

Okikiko.com – Let’s start with the definition of shabby chic. It is the decorative style that is characterized by a worn and weathered appearance in a neutral color. The furniture is typically painted brown, while wall paint is usually gray, green or tan. Cuts in the walls are an unfortunate side effect of this decor style.

Rustic Shabby Chic Basement Ideas

Rustic shabby chic basement ideas need that dark, wood tone ceiling to set the tone. The shabby chic basement also needs something bright such as that ivory light wooden ceiling for the ceiling. Or you may want to go with stained wooden ceiling that complements the stained wood floors of your basement. Also select other hues for your wall or other accessories in the room.

Another great shabby chic basement idea is to create a warm ambiance with low ceiling lights and lots of wood trim. Lamps can be suspended from the ceiling or recessed lamps are used on walls. Recessed lamps make it easy to view your favorite art and curios without having to look up. Wall sconces can also add touches of glamour. The only limit to the type of lighting you use is your own creativity.

Modern Basement Decoration Style Lighting

In today’s modern basement decor style, you want to break up the large open space of a room to create more of an intimate, cozy feel. The first thing you need to do is install bright, bold and cheerful pieces of furniture, especially if the entire room is painted white. You should definitely have a coffee table with at least one side table and a bookcase. The lighting you choose for your modern basement decor should have a strong focus on the focal point – the coffee table, the bookcase or the side tables.


For an authentic and charming touch to your modern basement decor, consider installing a shabby chic tray ceiling fan. A shabby chic tray ceiling fan can add a nostalgic touch of warmth and comfort to your modern basement. There are many styles of shabby chic fans to choose from including hand-carved, intricately detailed fans and hand painted fans. You can find these fans at any home decorating store or you can shop online.

Adding A Touch Of Class To The Basement

If your budget does not allow for installation of a shabby chic ceiling fan, don’t worry because you still have plenty of other choices for your modern basement design. Many homes today have either a raised floor or wall of windows, which provides plenty of light and air flow. These windows can also have open or closed circuit TV controls installed so that you can watch your favorite movie during those cold winter nights. If you really want to add a touch of class to your basement, consider adding a shabby chic chandelier, contemporary desk lamps or even a shabby chic magazine rack.

Just as in a traditional country home, the layout of a modern basement depends on the arrangement of its lighting, the placement of its windows and ceiling, and the type of flooring. For instance, to give your basement a traditional look, think about using old worn lace French Country curtains on the windows and French Country desk lamps with knotty French country patterns on the walls. If you like a more modern look, think about having a black or dark blue colored metal ceiling with exposed ceiling molding. Add a nice vintage pendant lamp with a floral pattern on the wall behind your antique French furniture.

When it comes to the structure of the walls in your finished basement, be sure to leave enough room for a door. If your basement ceiling is too low, you may need to add a ladder or a step to get through. Remember that when you’re decorating your basement ceiling, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the type of window treatments you use. Choose light-colored blinds and curtains that will open out, and remember to keep your light fixtures to a minimum.

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