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Creating an Eclectic Interior Design Style

Okikiko.com – Eclectic interior design is simply different. It does not have an established beginning date but has evolved over the years to become a definite style on its own. The eclectic interior style is highly individual and constantly changing. Its blending multiple styles together to make a truly personalized and sophisticated appearance. Eclectic design covers a broad spectrum of interior styles from antique, classical, rustic, country, Gothic, Victorian, eclectic, formal and contemporary.

Sophisticated and Unique Eclectic Home Decoration Display

If you want to achieve the sophisticated and unique look of eclectic home decor you should try subtle combinations of colors, textures and patterns. For example you could go with a pearl white sofa in antique cream, or a diamond gray sofa in burnt rust. You could combine the two into one spectacular room by adding a unique upholstery fabric in an unusual color or pattern. The soft warm glow of diamonds underfoot never fails to brighten and relax the soul.

Another way you can get the look of eclectic interior design is to use a wide variety of decorative elements from varied origins. Each of these decorative elements should be eclectic in nature and have subtle differences that make them seem as if they belong together. For example, you could use rich golden brown velvet for a wide shabby chic bed spread or use rich emerald green silk to contrast with the lighter shades of floral patterned pillows. To complete the look, find furniture with a varied range of sources including metal plates and bowls, woodwork with interesting hand-painted details, China with eclectic origins and rustic tables and chairs.

Another way you can get the look of eclectic interior design style is to balance modern elements with period elements from different countries. For example you could use modern geometric elements like geometrical shapes printed on lampshades, fabrics and curtains that are intricately woven. On the other hand, rustic elements like wooden paneling and stone decorated tables and chairs would fit perfectly with the look created by using geometric shapes printed on pillows. This eclectic interior styling could be used to create country-styled furnishings or to complement the modern feel.

Ideas for Keeping Furniture Styles Fresh and Attractive

An additional way of creating an eclectic environment is to mix bold contrasts. For example you could use one bold color like red but add a softer shade of brown or even the softest hues of lavender and rose. Another way of breaking up the large space is to use a different style of floor covering in each of the rooms, such as tile in a bold floor design in a contemporary room or hardwood floors in a more traditional room. The idea is to keep your furniture styles fresh and interesting while still maintaining a sense of harmony.

An important tip for people looking to implement an eclectic decor in their home decorating style is to pick fabrics with interesting texture and pattern. Try to find textiles with texture that matches with the surrounding colors, such as pale green or cream walls in a vibrant room. This will give an eclectic look that is dynamic and interesting without being overbearing. Choose interesting pieces to compliment the furniture styles, such as unusual bookcases or unusual paintings or sculpture.

Creating an Eclectic Design Style in Home Interiors

Another option for creating an eclectic design style in a home is to combine modern style elements with antique design styles. For instance, you can choose bold materials, such as metal, tempered glass and stainless steel, in areas where you want a very contemporary look. In contrast, you can incorporate antique design styles, such as intricate carved wood, in rooms that have a more traditional feel. Antique design styles are unique and offer an interesting twist on creating a contemporary feel in a home.

To complete an eclectic interior design style, the use of complementary elements is important. For example, instead of using a lot of sharp and shiny metals, try to use neutral colors, such as beige, browns, or greens. Likewise, instead of using very shiny rugs, opt for duller shades, like browns or grays. Look for furniture pieces that will stand out and show off your unique touch, without standing out in a negative way. This is the best way to bring an eclectic interior style to life.

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