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differences between manga and comic books

Manga and comic, these two identical things are same if we look on the surface. We know most people cannot differentiate this because it is the same thing practically. The objective you read a book with a lot of image on it. Now, we will give you the answer about the differences between Manga and Comic Books.

Different Country

The first thing everyone you should know it is about the country. Manga produced for the first time in Japan and Comic is in America. This is really crucial to know this information. We are sure you can differentiate when reading Manga and Comic. In the Manga, you can find many Japanese cultures and focus on that country. It is the same as Comic, you will find a lot of American stuff.

Style of the Book

manga and comic

Usually, Manga uses black and white color, only the cover which has a color on it. As for Comic, you can read it with colorful colors. Also, the size of Manga is small rather than Comic. That is why it is really suitable to read because the size perfectly fits on your hand. For the Comic, the size is quite bigger like a magazine.


manga vs comic characters

Characters from Manga and Comic is really different. Comic tend to have a stronger character from the beginning until the end. Fantastically, all Comic characters rarely to lost to anyone for example like Superman. As for Manga, all characters start in a weaker form. You can see Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. For the first time, all of them really weak but when they begin their own adventure they get stronger in the process.


If we compare between Manga and Comic story, the winner is Manga without a doubt. There is no one who can withstand a long chapter of Manga story. You can see Detective Conan, One Piece, and so on have 700+ chapters. As we searched for the information, it seems the mangaka (Creator) does not have any intentions to end the series yet. Comic also have a long chapter but it is not the continuation of the main story anymore. We can call it a spin-off from the main series.


That is the differences between Manga and Comics. Now, if your friends say to you both of them is same, you can show this article to them. Last but not least, we have a parting gift for you. See the most popular Comic Books characters of all time. Choose your favorite one immediately.

Find Out Who is Behind Doraemon Success Only On My Doraemon Review

Doraemon review

Ohayou Gozaimasu, I believe Otaku will be really familiar with that word. Well, the increased number of people who love to watch anime increased day by day. The question now is why? Well, maybe there is something that real life unable to present to us such as dream, hope, and so many things. Just like in Doraemon manga and anime that show us and present us something beyond our imagination. This manga and anime make a perfect illustration of everyone dreams such as those take-copter and the anywhere door. Well, to know more about this anime and manga, why not look at my Doraemon review bellow?

Doraemon Review

Doraemon latest movie

Doraemon or in Japan written as ドラえもん is a masterpiece that created by Fujiko Fujio. Back then in December 1969, Doraemon was published as manga series for six different magazines in Japan. The total of original that created that time is 1.345 stories and published by Shogakukan under the license Tentomushi manga brand, later this manga extended to forty-five volumes. All the series of Doraemon manga are collected in Takaoka Central Library in Toyama, Japan.

Doraemon is becoming a popular manga and anime because of the unique theme that Fujiko Fujio offers to the reader. The idea of the magic tools that Fujiko Fujio give to us also satisfy our childhood imagination and looks more familiar rather than the other anime. Well, here’s the list of magic tools in Doraemon series.

  1. Dokodemo Door/Anywhere Door.
    • This door will bring you to anywhere like the name of this door. Just think about the destination and this door will bring you there in a blink of eyes.
  2. Take-copter.
    • This tool will allow you to fly away to anywhere. Unfortunately, this tools restricted by a battery.
  3. Kisekae Camera/Dressup Camera.
    • This is a camera that will allow you to change a dress if you get photographed by this camera. Amazing, right? You can have nice suits without spending money.
  4. Translator Konyaku/Jelly Translator.
    • Who says language gap is a problem for the human? In Doraemon manga and anime, Doraemon and Nobita can understand any language with eating this jelly. It’s easier than learning a new language, right?
  5. Anki-Pan/Memory Bread.
    • This bread will allow you to remember anything easily. How does it work? You only need to place it near your books and eat the bread and wait for the miracle to happen. As a result, you will remember the whole book without even touching the book. It’s easier than study whole night, right?

Well, aside from this anime and manga, Doraemon also launch a few movies. From all of those movies title, Stand By Me is Doraemon latest movie. So, do you ever watch this movie before? I suggest you watch it since it was really sad and great movie. Also, I dare to guarantee that you won’t regret after you watch it.

I think my article today about Doraemon review is enough. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share my article with another Otaku. Thanks for coming and sparing a few minutes to read my article today. I also hope we will meet again in my next article. See you and have a nice day guys.