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Flat Earth Theory and Conspiracy Behind It

Hi guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share you about flat earth theory. everyone must be ever heard about people who conspire about the theory of the flat earth. They said NASA have told public lies when they said the earth is round or we can say more-less like an eclipse but there still a lot of people that believing the earth is flat like a plate.

Definition of Flat Earth Theory

The definition of flat earth theory itself makes us want to believe that earth is flat. There are even some people from common people until artist and scientist that tries to prove the earth is flat. Bob Ray Simmons is one of the supporters of flat earth theory. In his tweeter, he said to his 2,3 million followers he didn’t believe that the earth is round. His statement on tweeter become viral and inviting some netizens to comment about his statement. Neil deGrasse Tyson the famous astrophysicist even take a part to explain the evidence of his theory was wrong.

History Behind Flat Earth Theory

Back to the middle 1800’s Samuel Rowbotham came and claim everyone is wrong all the time, the earth is flat, he shouted. Back to our time, there are still remain believers that keep showing and try to giving an evidence that earth is flat like a plate. Some of them even make a society all around the world and still try to influence the world with their theory.

They even giving some statement to the public and I will give you a peek of their statement:

  1. If you walk straight you will find you are at the end of the world and if you insist on walking you will fall from the earth and die in space. So, NASA hires a few people to keep that border clear from people who curious about the end of the world.
  2. They explain the cycle of day and night like this, sun and moon just a thing in the sky and rotation on the height of 4.828 Kilometers above the flat earth. The sun and the moon have 58 kilometers diameter. They also said the reason why there’s an eclipse on the sky is there’s an unseen object called “Anti-Moon” and that is his responsibility to blur the shape of the moon.

Prove The Earth is Round

Responding to some issue about the flat earth. There is a few scientist that try to correct their misunderstanding about the earth. Here is some prove the earth is round.

  1. NASA rocket never flies in a straight line. We will always look the track behind the rocket is a curve. Logically, if earth flat and didn’t do a rotation the track behind the rocket will be a straight line. However, the truth is the track that leaves by the rocket make a curve shape.
  2. Earth image from Apolo 17
  3. If you sailing the seas in a straight line you will come back to your place starts.

Thanks for reading my article about Flat Earth Theory. It’s up to your beliefs to believing this or just think this theory is ridiculous. Believe it or not, our earth still hiding so many secrets.

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