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How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

Hello guys, good morning and I wish you start this day with a great start. Today I want to share you a topic about how to get rid of your loneliness. Lately, I see so many film or comic with a topic about loneliness. Somewhat that makes me want to share about this topic too.

How To Get Rid Of Your Loneliness?

That’s maybe become the first letter that shows up after you reading my first paragraph about loneliness. However, before talks about how to get rid of it. We need to know the definition of loneliness itself. We can’t get rid of something we don’t know, right? So, what is loneliness according to your explanation, huh?

Well, I believe many of you can answer that question. According to my opinion about the definition of what is loneliness, it’s quite hard to explain. It’s like a feeling of emptiness, feeling like you have nobody else, not wanted by people anymore. Well, I give up to explain it, LOL. That’s the most complicated feeling I ever feel.

Do You Have a Way To Conquer It?

If you ask me if I Have a way to conquer loneliness. I will definitely say yes because believe it or not, I ever trapped inside there for a very long time. My experiences accepting loneliness as something beautiful yet peaceful makes me more enjoying my loneliness. I spend most of my time alone, wasting my time by reading or playing a computer game, trying to avoiding social contact with another people since I was in elementary school.

If you said that’s awesome, you need to know a few fact about a lonely person that pull their self from social life. First, they are struggling with their own problem, they always judged as a strange person, and sometimes they also get bullied by the other people. Pain? Fear? That’s already become my friends since long time ago.

Steps To Conquer Loneliness

You must be questioning now. If you are a lonely person, how can you step out from that cliff of loneliness feeling? How can I ends up as a writer here, sharing a story to you? Well, as a people who love to be alone I know my limitation. I can’t ignore the other people forever, right? Everything always needs a few effort to be done. Here are a few steps you can do to step out from your loneliness.

  1. Meditation always become the best choice when you feel lonely.
    • Some research by a scientist said meditation is the best way to get rid of your loneliness. Doing a meditation also make you more accepting about your loneliness feeling.
  2. Find a people who can accept you and your loneliness.
    1. Finding someone who can accept us and our loneliness is like finding a needle in stacks of hays. It’s hard but possible to do. It’s coming back again to your willpower to overcome your loneliness
  3. Love yourself
    • This is the hardest thing to do. But this is the most important thing to do! If you can’t love your own self how can you ask other people to love you?

Well, I hope my article about how to get rid of your loneliness can be used for good sake. If you have someone who needs this article too, please share to them. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you again guys.

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