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Where Can You Purchase the Best Handmade Jewellery in Australia?

Shopping for accessories, especially jewellery, can be exciting but just as confusing as choices are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. The jewellery you purchase also depends on the event you are attending. So if you plan to spend a day at Bells Beach, you might want to pick a light and subtle piece of jewellery. But if the occasion is a wedding after-party at Bondi beach, flashy jewellery is the right choice. In such cases, it is better to browse customised stores than stores with readymade products, and there are various stores for handmade jewellery in Australia.

Handmade jewellery stores allow you to customise accessories per your taste, preference, budget, and lifestyle. However, the tricky part is not deciding what to wear but where to buy your jewellery set. Hence, it is crucial to consider several factors before picking the right jewellery store. And hopefully, this guide will help you find a suitable handmade jeweller.

Factors to Consider When Finding the Right Jewellery Store

Finding the right store might sound tedious, but narrowing down the following factors will make your search easier, especially in a booming jewellery industry like Australia’s.

Compile a List

First and foremost, you should compile a list of recommended jewellers. Usually, the jewellers referred to you are trustworthy and reliable. So check their websites for positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Positive reviews are a strong indicator of the jeweller’s authenticity, reliability, quality of work, and reputation.

In addition to reviews, check how long they have been in this market. Jewellers with years under their belt tend to have more practice, exposure, and expertise and can offer suggestions while customising your jewellery item.

Personalised Jewellery

Not every handmade jeweller offers customised services, and some jewellers hand-make jewellery and sell them without any customer input. So, ensure the store you pick makes customised jewellery with your input, so it matches your style and personality.

Your jewellery reflects your personality. So if you want a piece of personalised jewellery with a special meaning, such as a name, date, initials, or phrase, make sure the jeweller allows you to customise your jewellery items. Meanwhile, suppose you cannot choose any customisable features. In that case, the right jeweller will offer their expertise and knowledge and give you suitable suggestions, such as changing the material, altering the design, picking a different colour, etc.

Check Their Portfolio

Looking at a store’s portfolio and designs with their previous customers gives you an insight into their style. Jewellers usually have different designs on display in various shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. Browsing through their collection helps you learn about their thought process, and you can gauge whether or not the pieces match your taste. For instance, some handmade jewellers specialise in beads, wiring, or engraving, while others might specialise in drawing or painting.

Warranty Cards and Discount

The durability of your jewellery might depend on the material you pick. Still, even the most durable jewellery is susceptible to scratches, or you might lose your ring in the early morning crowd at Australia’s busy metro stations. So, since jewellery items are expensive, making a new purchase is not financially feasible whenever you lose or damage your jewellery. In such cases, ensure the jewellery store you pick has an exchange or repair policy and a warranty card.

There are many stores for handmade jewellery in Australia if you’re looking for them. But, the trick to finding the right one is looking at their portfolio, reviews, warranty policies, and ensuring they offer customised arrangements.

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