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Nautical Bathroom Interior Decorating

Okikiko.com – There is something charming about a nautical bathroom. It creates an old-world look that is fresh, fun, and luxurious at the same time. This is a great idea for any bathroom that also happens to have some great ocean views. If you are going to install one of these you should keep a few things in mind. This will help you make your nautical bathroom design come to life.

Choose Theme and Color

nautical bathroom design ideas

Wood is a big component in this type of bathroom design. Dark wood will always work well in a nautical theme. You can lay it in your bathtub and drawers or even on top of your shower curtain to create more of an old-world nautical style. A dark pine will work great as well.

You may be tempted to use bright colors like reds and oranges in your nautical bathroom interior design. In all actuality, this should be avoided, because it will just overpower the room. Navy blue or slate green would be a much better choice.

Victorian Style Nautical Bathroom

nautical bathroom design ideas

If you have a clear view of the ocean, then perhaps you should choose a Victorian style for your nautical bathroom design. The colors should be deep purples and pinks in most cases. If you use dark wood in the bathroom, then the best colors to use are brown and gray. These colors look fresh and crisp in a nautical theme, and they can be quite elegant as well.

If you decide to go with the Victorian style, you will also want to add some old-world charm with towels, mirrors, and candleholders. You might also choose to add some small pieces of artwork, such as paintings or printings of sea scenes. Remember, though, to use these decorative items sparingly. The more you use them, the more antique they will appear to be, which is not what you want for your nautical bathroom.

Color Scheme

nautical bathroom

One big thing to remember when using navy blue and gray as your bathroom’s color scheme is to avoid chrome. Chrome tends to stand out too much against a bathroom backdrop, so it is best to stick with more natural materials. For this reason, avoid brass faucets or any other ornamentation on copper pots. You may be able to salvage the copper, but try to stay away from the antique brass faucets. Do not use these faucets in an area where there will be a lot of foot traffic, as it could damage the finish on your flooring.

Nautical Old Bathroom Design

nautical bathroom

If you have very old bathroom furniture, you can actually use the Victorian style for your nautical bathroom remodel. This gives your bathroom a nostalgic feel, yet you can still use modern bathroom items. In fact, since this style is so popular today, you won’t have any problem finding any kind of modern accessories to put into the bathroom. There are even many kinds of towels, shower curtains, or soap dishes that you can use in your Victorian-themed room.

One nice idea for your nautical bathroom would be to add some old-fashioned copper lightbulbs. Although most lightbulbs today are made from stainless steel, there are some made from bronze or copper. In fact, bronze lightbulbs look very nice against the painted walls, and they make a great addition to any old bathroom. If you do not want to purchase new bathroom items, you can simply paint your walls in the colors associated with your nautical theme. Navy blue, white, and gray are traditional colors for a bathroom featuring this type of motif.

Elegance Nautical Bathroom

nautical bathroom

If you are looking for a little less elegance in your bathroom, you might want to consider using simple brass knobs and copper faucets. In the past, brass was quite a common material to use for exterior fittings, but nowadays it tends to be reserved for its use in the kitchen and bathroom. Still, it is a durable metal, and it does possess a lovely rustic charm. For example, brass knobs often have an antique look to them. This could easily be achieved by carefully choosing the hardware that you use, and you can even find brass knobs that have been refinished to give them a gently worn appearance.

Authentic Nautical Bathroom

nautical bathroom

If you really want to create an authentic nautical bathroom interior, you can certainly use as much originality as you wish. You might choose to use bronze or copper faucets, and you can also use items from your bathroom’s present furnishings. A porcelain or glass milk pitcher, for example, would be perfectly suited to a bathroom like this. Just make sure that you choose pieces that match the colors of your bathroom’s linen, towels, and walls.

For more inspiration on how to design a nautical bathroom interior, you might want to browse around online. There are dozens of different websites that are dedicated to bathrooms and all kinds of decorating ideas. The great thing about browsing the Internet for inspiration is that you will be able to get lots of different ideas, and many of them will be free. You’ll also be able to find lots of photos of nautical bathrooms, which you can use as a guide when you are designing your own bathroom. Once you’ve finished up your bathroom, be sure to take some time to brighten it up with a few bathroom accessories, such as a small brass candle holder or a shelf liner for your bathroom sink.

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