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Small Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Okikiko.com – If you are in search of a bathroom that will create an atmosphere of inspiration, where you can feel free to experiment and create your own masterpieces, then the small Bohemian bathroom may be the right place for you. This bathroom is perfect for those who like to keep things simple, yet artistic. Unlike the large luxurious bathrooms, this bathroom is quiet and natural, with elements such as rustic wood, stone, slate, or tiles. This type of bathroom is a “home away from home” where one can spend long relaxing moments basking in the tranquility and peace.

Small Bathroom With Bohemian Style

Small Bathroom With Bohemian Style Many people choose a small Bohemian bathroom for their children because it is an ideal setting for play and creativity. The small bathroom with Bohemian style can be decorated in many different ways, depending upon the decorator’s taste and style. There are many bathroom storage ideas that are available, ranging from wall art, framed photos, paintings, flower pots, vases, candles, and even small sculptures. The use of photos in a small bathroom with Bohemian design is very popular, as the small size of the room allows the decorator to put his or her favorite photo in the bathroom, thereby giving the bathroom a unique character and personality. framed photos are placed on the wall in front of the toilet, so that everyone will see themselves when they step into the room. framed photos can also be hung on the wall in a circular or oval fashion from the inside of the toilet, above a mirror, or as a centerpiece on a small table.

Small Bohemian Bathroom With Plants In a small Bohemian bathroom, the use of plants is very common and is seen in many different types of decorating, including flower gardens, fountains, candles, and baskets with small plants. The plants in such a space must be chosen with care, as they must be very easy to maintain and keep healthy. There should not be a lot of maintenance required when using small plants and flowers, but they still need to be watered and fertilized every week if possible. Some people like to place potted plants in the small Bohemian bathroom ideas, but this is quite a bit of work, as it has to be sold and taken care of, which defeats the purpose.

Adding Plant Decorations in the Bathroom

Small Bathroom With Plants In a small bathroom, where you don’t have a lot of room to spread out, but still want to have a very interesting and authentic look, scented candles are very popular and very easy to install. Scented candles can add a very pleasant touch to any bathroom design, whether it is a bathroom with a rustic or vintage look, or one with a contemporary look. For smaller bathrooms, a floating candle is always a great addition, especially one made of cedar, which is very durable and can add a nice touch of aromatherapy.

Small Bohemian Bathroom Ideas – Boho Tiles Although the style of this decor is very Bohemian, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be Boho. If your home already has a very distinctive look, you can still get a lot of the same effects by adding a few different decorative touches that are inspired by the Bohemian style. For instance, adding some old, crepe paper planters to your floor along with ceramic candle holders with seashells on them, would be a real Bohemian twist.

Small Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Boho Bathrooms Plants Although the tradition is associated with Bohemian plants, there are many types of plants that are considered suitable for a bathroom that are actually considered more contemporary. In fact, there are many plants that are imported from China and India that are used in modern bathroom decor. These include hydrangeas, violets, and lavender, which are grown in brackish water and then imported to your home to be replanted as a part of your small Bohemian bathroom ideas. Many times these are placed in irregularly spaced holes on walls or in the corners of bathrooms.

Wall Plants Although you want your bathroom to have a very unique look, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of exotic plants. You can just purchase a few potted plants that are in containers that you place on the wall. These would include cactus, succulents, and herbs. Just make sure they have a familiar shape, such as a round plant with a spade-like flowerpot sitting on one side of the wall, in a position that allows you to put the nozzle of your shower head right over its petals.

Bathroom Storage And Other Enhancements Although you probably don’t want to spend much money on big, gaudy decor items, you can enhance the look of your small Bohemian bathroom by using interesting glass or wood products. Large ornaments are a good way to dress up a plain toilet seat or vanity. There are also a variety of small bathroom storage ideas available online that will help you create an elegant look. Glass ornaments in various shapes and sizes, mirrors with interesting geometric designs, small soap dishes and bottles, and unusual wall decorations are among the decorative accents you can easily find.

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