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Decorating Ideas For a Small Scandinavian Bathroom

Okikiko.com – It’s difficult to explain just how cool small Scandinavian bathrooms can be. Scandinavian style literally glorifies the clean, sleek lines and natural colors that it lends a certain welcoming aesthetic and even a warm, inviting atmosphere. So, come on, invite yourself over to the land of your dreams to get your own small Scandinavian bathroom! Here’s what you need to know.

Small Scandinavian Bathroom Mirror

Before getting started, it is important to understand the role that your small Scandinavian bathroom mirror plays in the decorating scheme of the room. A good Scandinavian vanity will allow you to quickly identify the colors of your linens and other items of clothing. While a normal white surface may be enough for a guest bathroom, for one with a more specific color scheme in mind, a Scandinavian vanity with a mirror as part of its design is definitely required.

You will want to choose a small Scandinavian bathroom vanity that matches your desired design. Keep in mind that if you are looking to go with the relaxing Scandinavian style, the colors that you choose will have to be fairly neutral. If you wish to use more bright colors such as yellow or red, a bolder color scheme will work best. The great thing about these colors is that they are less overpowering and can blend in quite nicely with the rest of the furnishings and accessories in your small bathroom.

Complementing the Perfect Natural Wood Cabin Look

Once you’ve selected the color scheme that you are going for, you will need to think about the other components of your small Scandinavian bathroom vanity. For a visually effective effect, you will want to select an oversized sink with a tall, rectangular shape. Use the same color scheme as the countertop on the sink. An attractive element is to have a natural wood finish on the top of the sink to complete the look of a natural wood cabin.

Sinks should be black on the top and white on the bottom. If the wall is smooth, you can match the white bathroom tiles to create a beautiful effect. If the wall is not smooth, you can simply use gray sinks and wooden flooring. An interesting idea is to use gray metal and add small gray tiles to match the gray metal. This adds a unique visual effect to your small Scandinavian room.

Furniture for Small Scandinavian Bathrooms

Another inexpensive item that you can add to your small Scandinavian room is a pair of large towels. These towels should be in solid white but look like they are from a Scandinavian home decor store because they will have the same type of patterns as your wall hangings. The towel holders that are used with these towels should also be of a Scandinavian theme. You can purchase white subway tiles to match the color scheme of the floor mat, toilet paper holder and the small gray ceramic tile for the towel rack.

In addition to using large towels, you may want to invest in a small Nordic vanity set to use in your small bathroom. A common design for a vanity set in a small restroom is a white wall with two different color doors, and the rest of the furniture is black. You can use this design in many different ways, including matching the black accessories to the black walls or use the entire vanity to create a bold modern Scandinavian look. Using a small Scandinavian mirror and some white wall tiles can give your small space clean lines feel.

When it comes to the tub, you may want to avoid purchasing a small Scandinavian bathroom vanity with a wood vanity top. Although a wood vanity set can be stylish, the small space means that the small wood vanity top may not be able to fit into the small area around the tub. Instead, you may want to consider purchasing a pedestal sink or a floating vanity sink. A floating sink sits on a small shelf or atop a chair and is designed to look like it is sitting on the floor. The small pedestal also helps prevent water from dripping onto the floor from the tub.

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