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White Custom Rugs As an Alternative to a Light Gray Rug

Okikiko.com – It’s summer time and your white family room is looking empty and bland. The kitchen is in need of work, but the bathroom needs a visit from the maid. Why not invite the neighborhood kids over for an impromptu cookout? Invite them over tonight to watch the news and maybe they’ll bring back some wonderful home decor ideas that you can incorporate into your kitchen or bathroom.

Tips for Living up a Fun White Living Room

A fun way to liven up a white family room is with bright and cheery throw pillows, comforters and towels. Throw pillows don’t have to be just for kids. In fact, you can use them for your guests when you have a baby shower. You can also use throw pillows for decorative pillows on the coffee table during the holidays when your family gathers for Christmas dinner.

One inexpensive way to add depth to a white room is to use a rug as the central piece of accent color in the room. Rugs come in so many sizes, shapes and colors that finding one that will fit your decorating theme is easy. Look for rugs that add some texture or even a pattern to make a white room feel warm and inviting. Rugs can also help you create a splash of color in a black and white room by using contrast colors or adding a bright accent rug in a contrasting color.

Shades of Grey that match the White Floor

Another way to add interest to a room in a room with a white floor and white furniture is to choose a secondary color and add it to the accessories. One easy option is to use gray pillows for your chair legs and throw pillows for tablecloths. Gray shades work well with white and can help you get away with painting the walls a lighter shade of gray. Another good choice of color for a secondary color is beige or tan.

Another nice touch for a white master bathroom that doesn’t break the bank is to add a black and white cabinet with white cabinet pulls. This adds a nice touch of black to your room without cluttering it up. A similar option for a black and white guest bathroom is to use white bath mats and bath rugs. Both of these items can match or coordinate with your other accessories and paint so that you don’t have to overdo the black.

Decorating a Room in One Color

As your children grow older, you may want to consider changing the decor from time to time. If you are currently living in an older home and have been lucky enough to not have had to redecorate since you first moved in, this is the perfect time to take a look at your furniture and decor. If you have moved into a new home that has a newer style than the one you are looking at, a good way to get your decorating ideas going is to decorate the family room or main living area in one color. Once you have decided on a theme and picked out the pieces you like, then you can move on to the guest bathroom and the kids’ room.

One important thing to remember when decorating a family room is that a single color can be overwhelming. You do not want your entire room or home to resemble one large, color choice, so if you are working on changing your entire home or just making small changes around the house, make sure that you select the appropriate rug for the area. A great rug for a kids room or living room is one that is patterned or has a lot of different colors in it, as this will allow your children to express their personality. However, if you have a more modern home with minimal furnishings, you may be better off going with a simple white rug.

If you are not working on a brand new house, you still can get white themed home decor for a price that will not break the bank. Basic white custom rugs can go just about anywhere, and they are very affordable. A white Roman shade runner can be a nice accent piece in your bathroom if you choose a more traditional look, while an accent rug for the kids’ room can add interest. These are some basic white themed home decor ideas that work well, no matter what your style may be.

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