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Shabby Chic Bathroom Upgrades

Okikiko.com – If you are looking for a luxurious bathroom that still has the character of a cottage in the woods, you should look into shabby chic bathrooms. These bathrooms have a charming air about them that makes them appealing. They combine a charming decor with an elegant style. What’s great about shabby chic bathrooms is that they are very versatile. They can fit in with a number of different styles, themes, and designs.

Shabby Chic Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

Blue Shabby Chic Bathroom – The idea behind the blue shabby chic bathroom is to blend roughness with softness. The softness comes from its soft floral accents such as pale blue pebbles, fresh flowers, and linen. The rough texture is also present in its rustic, wood-carved furniture and decor.

This decor combines elements from French country, rural rustic style, seaside and country kitchen, and cottages in the mountains. You’ll also want to add in the romantic atmosphere that comes from using lace and other floral patterns. When choosing your shabby chic bathroom curtains you want to choose ones that will create this atmosphere. For example, for the curtains in your shower area you might want to choose a floral print pattern or a rustic distressed print. To create the atmosphere in the rest of the room, you can choose a soft pastel color for your walls, a floral print on the tile, and a very rustic looking countertop.

Choosing the Right Chandelier

The chandelier is one of the focal points in any bathroom and adding one in your shabby chic bathroom will pull the whole room together. You can pull the theme even further by choosing a chandelier base that matches the color of the tiles, walls, and shower curtain. A unique way to incorporate the chandelier into your bathroom is by choosing one that has a Tiffany inspired design. For an elegant hint you can use a Tiffany inspired crystal ball with a floral design. The crystals on the ball would be cut in the shape of flowers, butterflies, hearts, and roses.

Often times in a shabby chic bathroom a sink curtain is left up and the other fabrics are washed and folded. When you choose fabrics for your sink curtain that you can wash and rinse out you’re creating a vintage inspired look. For example, if you have a shabby chic bathroom look and decide to use a white silk tie, then you could fold it over to make a tie-dyed white silk curtain. Fold the tie over and leave a long white corner hanging in your bathroom. If you want to go a more feminine route, you could find ruffled white cotton curtains that would look great framed in a white silk tie.

A Great Way to Update a Shabby Chic Bathroom

Another great way to update your shabby chic bathroom and bring in a more feminine look is through the bathtub and shower curtain. In this type of bathroom, the tub and shower curtain line is usually all white or ivory. You could choose to display your bathtub and shower curtain on a chandelier base made from metal, glass, or even metal with a gold trim. You could also choose to display a bathtub and shower combination of colored glass and ceramic tile, or even go with an iron tub and ceramic tile. For a great vintage inspired look to your bathroom, you can choose a classic porcelain tub and ceramic tile flooring. This bath will set the mood for your bathroom, as well as being a focal point of your room.

A great way to update your shabby chic bathroom is through adding vintage furniture to your room. If you have white furniture in your bathroom, you can give it a classic French chic look by adding white mirrors. A white mirror can really add a touch of elegance and femininity to any bathroom. You can even find some very unique mirrors that have been made with stained glass, bronze, or even gold. Adding mirrors to your bathroom will bring in an ultra-feminine look that you can use on all of your walls, and will make any bathroom feel updated and beautiful.

Flooring – The final element that you will need in your shabby chic bathroom are wooden flooring. In this type of bathroom, your flooring needs to be very old-fashioned and rustic. The most common material used to create wooden flooring is wood, but you can also use stone, ceramic tile, or even metal. There are many different types of wood that you can use, and each one will bring a different feel to your bathroom. Deciding whether you want a solid color or whether you want to try to pull off a distressed look will depend on the overall theme that you are going for.

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