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The Best Options For Kitchen Window Shelves

Okikiko.com – If you’re thinking about installing new Kitchen Window Shelves in your home, you’ve probably noticed the trend in modern interior design. This new trend is not surprising: most kitchens have windows, but they’re not all the same. Different kitchens have different heights and other structural features, but they all have one thing in common: windows. Because windows provide natural light to the room, they’re a common element in any kitchen.

The Best Choice for Kitchen Window Shelves

Open shelves that span the width of the window are a great way to add storage to your kitchen while letting in light. You can mount them directly across the window or to the side. If you want to maintain the view, consider using a single shelf, while larger windows can support two or three shelves. You’ll benefit from light without sacrificing storage space and they’re ideal for displaying your house plants. Here are some of the best options for kitchen window shelves.

Open shelving is the perfect place to display your cookbooks and decor pieces. Keeping them visible encourages you to use them. For a more dramatic look, custom shelves can be an eye-catching feature of your kitchen. The founder of Studio MRS, Michelle R. Smith, uses glass shelves and stylish brass pipes for a stunning, modern look. This shelving is a great way to add character and storage to your kitchen. It can be a conversation piece in your home.

If you prefer to use custom-made glass shelves, you can find custom-made ones made from tempered glass. If you have kitchen cabinets with window brackets, you can purchase them. Simply measure the window’s size and add brackets to secure them. Once installed, fill the shelves with colorful glass art pieces or small plants. You can even pick up unique items at thrift or antique stores. So, if you want to make use of the natural light that comes through the windows in your home, install a window shelf.

Creative and Decorative Ways to Make Kitchen Windows

Whether your kitchen window is high on the wall or low on the floor, a window shelf provides great display space, yet doesn’t block the view. You can even forage for decor in your yard. Use flower-lined branches, evergreen garlands, or even a favorite vase. Then, set the vase in front of your window or on the window sill. These creative and decorative pieces will surely make your kitchen windows pop.

When the window is too large to fit a traditional window, you can use floating open shelves instead. They allow for easy access to your favorite dishes. Then, you can place your favorite dishes on them, while still enjoying the natural light coming through your kitchen windows. The space will not feel crowded and unorganized, but it will surely be a great place to display your favorite items. You can also use these floating shelves to replace a missing window above your kitchen sink.

Another popular decorating idea is to use glass shelves. These can add character to your kitchen while using up space and adding storage. Plus, these shelves are a great DIY project! If you are not confident enough to install these yourself, you can use one-day-glass.com to order custom-finished glass. The website has a quote tool and ordering online is quick and easy. With this method, you can enjoy a beautiful kitchen window display without having to spend a fortune on professional installation.

Consider the Type of Kitchen Window You Have

If you aren’t sure whether or not you can install kitchen window shelves, check out the different materials and styles available. Consider the type of kitchen window you have. If it has a large window, a three-tier window plant shelf will give you plenty of room for your favorite houseplant. And if you’re a green thumb, consider installing a shelf made of clear acrylic or glass. There are also some beautiful options that don’t cost a fortune but will be worth the effort.

One example of a white kitchen with gray floating shelves is an oak-framed window with a white island. The sink has a polished nickel gooseneck faucet. White shaker cupboards with oil-rubbed bronze pulls are paired with white and gray marble countertops. A black-framed window and oak-framed floating shelves flank it. The refrigerator is white with a gray paneled back. A light gray wooden shelf is fixed beside the window.

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