How To Be Positive? Find Out The Key Of Real Happiness

how to be positive

There are so many people that can’t maintain a positive thought on their mind. There is always something that makes them worries even for small things like their appearance. However, even though their mind is not in a peaceful state, you can change that condition with applying a few easy steps and that’s the reason why I talk about this topic. Well, the main reason of this article is to share with the other people about the power of positive mind and how to be positive even we are in the hard situation. So, are you curious now? Check out my article now!

How To Be Positive?

how to get positive thinking

First, before we talk further about this topic, let me ask you a question. So, what kind of people you are? Pessimistic type or Optimistic type? Well, it is not like I will judge you by your answer but this is to know how much positive energy in yourself.

Well, if you are the kind of optimist people, I think you have had enough positive energy and maybe you can also help the other people with spreading the power of positivity in yourself to the other. However, if you are the pessimistic people type its not like you are wrong with that personalities but it would be nicer if you try to cheer up a bit because the world will smile back at you if you smile at them.

Keep Your Positive Mind!

positive thoughts

The power of positive thoughts aside from boost up your mood, it also can increase the effectivity of your brain? Well, I know you must be questioning about the relation between positive thought and brain effectivity, right? Well, let’s make an illustration, just imagine your brain is you. What will you do if you are working in bad mood? Well, you will ruin your job, right? But what if you are in the situation where you are in the happy state? You will try to give your best, right? That’s why the power of the positive mind is really high.

However, to maintain all of those positive energies we also need a lot of energy too and that’s tiring. We can’t lie that sometimes we also lose the positivity power in yourself, right? So, how to get positive thinking back? Well, we can try to meditate or hearing in some religious song. We also can try to take a walk to some quiet place to refresh our mind and soul. However, walking alone in quite a place can be scary for some people, right? Well, you can try to go somewhere and use your earplugs and hearing a nice symphony music. What I tried to say is to give your body and soul a rest from this world for a while.

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General Lu Bu The Greatest and Strongest Warrior In Han Dinasty

General Lu bu

Howdy guys welcome back to my website. So, how’s your day dude? Do everything goes well? Well, I hope everything goes as your plan like when Lu Bu set a plan in the middle of a war. This day I want to share a topic about one of the strongest and greatest heroes in the era of Han dynasty. Do you know who is him? Yea, you right, it is Lu Bu! One of the most feared General that day. Do you know he even inspiring so many companies to use him as their character? One of the biggest company that use him as their character is a game company like KOEI and R2Games. So, do you want to know what makes KOEI and R2Games interested to make him as their character? Find out more information about General Lu Bu only on my website today!

General Lu Bu

Romance of three kingdoms

Lu Bu is one of the strongest characters in a few games even in the history. Lu Bu also recorded one from so many strong general like Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, even can be aligned with God Of War Zhao Yun or we have also known as Zhao Zi Long.

There is no one know about when is Lu Bu born or about his parent. But there is a slight sign that he is an orphan and being adopted by  Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo but unfortunately,  both of them get killed by their own son’s hand.

It’s been told in many legends and story that Lu Bu has one unique and strong horse. This horse can run across the nation without stopping and that horse called Red Hare. Do you know? Red Hare is rare kind of horse that is really hard to find. Some people even think if that horse is just a legend and never exist. Until they found the hieroglyph about the story of Lu Bu and his beloved horse Red Hare strengthen this horse existence.

Romance Of Three Kingdoms

God of war zhaoyun

In the story of Romance Of Three Kingdoms, there are so many stories that including the fight of those 3 kingdoms with Lu Bu forces. Lu Bu is noted as unstoppable and all mighty warrior but the truth is Lu Bu is a lack of management skills and too temperamental to become a leader. He can’t control his brute force because of he can be triggered easily to angry because of a small thing. Lu Bu also a bad planner and a bad plan executioner and all of those reasons become the reason of his fall later in the hand of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian the three Land Lord.

Well, I think my article today about the story of Great General Lu Bu is enough for today. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to read my article today. I hope my article today can inspire you to become a much better person. Don’t forget to share this article with the other people, who knows maybe they also interested in some history? See you soon in my next article and have a nice day sir.

Do We Need School? Do We Really Need It?

Do we need school

Hello and good afternoon guys, welcome back to my website. This day in this beautiful day, I want to share something about school. Lately, I become inspired with a few facts that there are so many successful humans in history isn’t graduated whether from their school or the college. Well, even though we can’t say their act is right, at last we can appreciate their effort to show the words that even if you are not graduated from school, being kicked because you are naughty, or drop out because you are a fool, you can still give a huge impact to the world. Well, after that, there is a question that left hanging on my mind or maybe in our mind. The question is, do we need school? If the facts say that success can be achieved even though you are drop out student.

Do We Need School? Really?

Why is school important

There are a few people that asking about the effectivity of school. Well, there are a lot of them that start to doubt about the effectivity of school. You know? The number of kids who take a homeschooling starts increasing each year. Well, isn’t that the sign of people starts to unbelieve with their schooling system?

Well, even though we still do an old tradition to attend a class. Do we really understand what we are doing now? If you say that you really understand what are you doing now, tell me why is school important? I bet there are not many of you that think the if the school is important and it started because your parent told you to do that, right? You just pursue a paper that graded a people into a few grade according to the other people perspective. Irony? Yes, that’s totally an irony but this is how civilized people works. They work by grading people by their number.

A Reminder For You

Learn a lesson

Everything that I can say to you the school is important but school isn’t your success keys. I remember someone ever said that you can fail your exam, you can fail in your school test, you can fail in everything in your school but the most important thing in this life isn’t valued by that value. They valued by something you get from outside the school like experience. Well, he is right at last you can learn a lesson from an ant who works hard until winter comes.

However, not every people on this era understand about this kind of thought. They make the wrong perception about school. They make a perception if they are failing in school they will also a loser in society. What an irony for people who still trapped inside their foolishness even though they have been learning for more than 12 years!

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Being Different and Be Your Truest Self!

be different

There are a lot of people that stuck and trapped in sucks sociality life. Trapped in the place with no escape where everyone didn’t care about each other. Well, I think there are a lot of us who still wondering and asking to our own self about the meaning of life. If you ask this to your parents, I can guarantee that most of them will say that the meaning of his or her life is you and to give you everything in their life. This should be the last reason for you to cheat them! However, sometimes the reason of people always hide is their shyness and because they are afraid being different, it’s like some kind of afraidness to the sociality because they can’t express their own self.

Being Different and Express Yourself!

Just be yourself

What will you do if the sociality will look at you as the strange people just because you are different with them? Will you stop being different just because of that funny reason? Or you will just ignore them and continue with your life? Well, there are a lot of things that we need to adapt to social life. Those things starting from our manners, acts, the way we treat the other people, words, and so many things but this doesn’t mean that you can’t express and be your own self. All I can say is never ever afraid of the other people and just be yourself.

There are 3 types of people in this world. It’s the Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert people. However, there are only several people that know about Introvert type people. Well, I can’t blame them because according to world statistic, the number of extrovert people is outnumbered the introvert people. As I see all this time, people usually misunderstood the introvert people and think that this kind of person is a freak.

Being Different is Human Right!

Introvert and extrovert

Being not same with the other people is everyone right, there is no single person that has an ability to stop you from doing that. Well, I believe everyone has their own color and we can’t force them to be like us, right? So, rather than try to change them, why we do not try to let them express their own self. As long as they are not disturbing us and doing any harm to us or our families then why not? Isn’t this world would be a lot better and colorful if there are a lot different person in this world. Just imagine if everyone is same as you, that would be really boring, LOL.

I hope my topic today about being different and express your own self is enough and clear. I also hope this article will help you to be a lot braver than now. If you think my article is useful enough for you and the other people, please share this article with them. Thank you for coming back to my website and spare a time to read my article today.

Passion VS Money, Which One Should I Choose?

passion vs money

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you a topic about passion VS money. So, do you ever confuse to choose between your passion and money? Well, there are so many people that also troubled with both of that things and that why this day I will try to give the solution and explanation to you.

Passion VS Money, Which One Better?

how to find your passion in life

So, what will you do? Which one will you choose between your passion and money? Will you follow your passion? Or you will just follow up reality where everyone needs money? Well, I think if you are lucky enough maybe you can find both your passion and nice salary in one job.

However, there are not so many people who can be that lucky to find both of that things in one job and I know you must be questioning and asking to yourself now about how to solve this problem, right? All I can say, you need to find out the reason why you are doing your works. Once you find that answer, you will find every answer to another related question about passion and money.

How To Decide Between Passion and Money?

finding your passion

First, you need to realize that nothing will be well done if you don’t have any interest in it. Well, if you say you do that works only for money, it’s still related. I think you will never be able to reach the target and doing your job to the fullest if you are not doing it with all your heart, right? Well, both of this thing is related and affect each other. So, you can’t choose only one.

The question that left now is how to find your passion in life that will also affect your attitude in the workplace. Well, there are several ways to find out your passion, you can try to make enthusiasm about your job burnt inside yourself, you also can try to be grateful every single day and realizing that everything in this world includes a good and bad side in it. Well, the more you realize this thing, it will be a lot easier for you to find the passion of your works in you.

Ironically, there are not so many people who are lucky enough to know about their passion and trapped inside their own dissatisfaction. Well, trying to finding your passion on something isn’t an easy job but this job still can be done. However, all this thing just can be done if you are giving all your effort in it.

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Chase your PASSIONS and MONEY will come.

Chase your MONEY and you may never find your PASSIONS.

– Colin Wright

How To Deal With People Who Underestimated You

Hello and good afternoon guys, I welcome you to my website. This day I want to invite you to talk about an interesting topic about how to deal with people who underestimated you. Well, I can guess there are so many of you who get underestimated by the other people out there, right? That’s why this day we will talk about this topic and find out the way to deal with them and the reason why they like to underestimate people. Curious? Let’s find out more information about it this day.

How To Deal With People Who Like To Underestimate The Other

never underestimate yourself

There are so many cases out there where people like to look down at the other people. The reason sometimes is so simple or unreasonable. In other hands sometimes they also look down at the other people just because they don’t like that person despite on anything good that he has done to them.

So, do you also like to underestimate someone? If yes, what are your reasons doing that to them? Do they ever do something bad to you? Do you think it’s fun enough to make someone feels bad about their own self? If you have done something like that to them, please I beg you please stop that. You will never know until you feel it by your own self. Do you know how desperate they are now? Being bullied like that, please stop underestimate someone and never underestimate anyone again. Stop this devil chain here.

They Are Mentally Hurt

never underestimate anyone

Do you know that they have been faked their feels all this time? Well, do you know the truth that they are mentally hurt because of all your words to them? Do you know how big it affects them in every decision they made? I can’t tell much about it but for your info, to recover from that pain is quite hard.

However, if you are the victim of all this thing, please don’t give up. I know it’s quite hard to stand up and fight all that people, it’s too much for you. However, you can just ignore them and think as it was nothing. You can show them how strong you are. Some of you also can show them how their words not affecting your life at all. You can make them regret how they underestimate you by showing you are way better than him at anything and never underestimate yourself.

So people, will you stop mocking at the other people? Well, if your answer is you will stop to mock and underestimate the other people but if you still insist on maintain that bad habit, it’s out of my right to arrange you, right? Thanks for coming to my website and reading my article today. I hope my article today about how to deal with people is enough and clear for you. If you think my article is useful enough for you, please share my article to the other people. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys. Remember to always be a good guy in every chance in your life.

How To Becoming a Pro Gamer, Tips and Tricks

how to becoming a pro gamer

Do you ever dream about becoming a professional player in one game? Do you know how to become one of that professional player? What? No? So, how dare you dreaming that high, huh? Well, maybe this is why I should tell and give you tips and tricks on how to becoming a pro gamer to you, so you can fulfill your dream.

How To Becoming a Pro Gamer

Well, there are so many people who dreamed to becoming a pro gamer. Yeah, they have a dream to become like “Abed” or maybe “Dendi” or even “Miracle” however, becoming professional players like them is very hard because you need a lot of effort until you reach the peak like them. Well, their hard work is paid well with proper salary and popularity, right?

To becoming a pro gamer is quite hard because you need a lot of works to do. You also need to do some exercise and sparring with the other teams. You also need to spare so many time to practice and sharpen your skills. Well, you will lose so many precious time to play outside and socialize with the other people in your age and also your quality time with your family.

Becoming a Pro Player Is Hard!

Do you ever read the story about Dendi who sell his bike only to play Dota and Miracle who SingSing who choose to quit from his family business to play Dota? Well, they have sacrificed everything and achieve the glorious time. Even though not many people that is lucky like them. Do you ever hear about a story that tells a kid found dead inside the net cafe because playing League Of Legends for more than 72 hours nonstop in Beijing? Well, the game will also bring the negative impact if you can’t handle it wisely.

Even though that is so many bad news and restriction in playing the game. That still can’t hold people from dreaming of becoming one from so many people who hold the a trophy of champion. So, what will you do then? Will you sacrifice anything and betting your fate on your dream? Do you have enough courage like them? Well, I do not suggest you follow their step. I just want you to be honest with your own self and your own passion because everything that has been done with all your heart will give you the best result than you ever think before. Remember to keep your dream high and your heads on because when you can dream it, that means you also can make it happen.

Thanks for coming and reading my article today about how to becoming a pro gamer. If you think my article today about this can be useful for the people, please share this article with the other people. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you soon on my next article guys.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.


Why is Trust Important In a Relationship?

Why is Trust Important

Let me ask you an important question, why is trust important in a relationship? What is your opinion about my question? Will you go through something without any certainty? What will you do then? Well, that’s why today my topic is about the importance of trusting each other in a relationship. Don’t go anywhere and check this out.

Why Is Trust Important In a Relationship?

Well, lately there are so many people trapped in a condition where two people growing love at each other but there is no trust in their heart for their partner. Isn’t that kinda strange? According to my opinion if both people decide to fall in love with each other, I think they are also responsible for their own heart, right? So, can you imagine if you are falling in love without believing your lover?

So, the question is, if that happen, how to set up a trust with your partner? Well, to build your trust at each other isn’t an easy job to do. Yeah, it’s because this really depends on someone mental state, if you have been hurt by your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in the past, building trust to someone new will be very hard to do.

Building Trust In a Relationship

Yeah, as you can guess, building trust in a relationship isn’t easy. Everyone will do everything to win their lover’s heart. Well, if that’s you, what will you do to win your lover trust? Do you have any idea?

To make your lover believe in you. You will need to take their heart and attention. Well, even tough you know him or her since long time ago, it’s really common for people to doubt the other, right? Well, you can try to be more open with him or her, you can start with telling what happen in your job this day, how’s your job lately, and everything about you.

However, you also need to ask about him or her. Well, we don’t want one-sided conversation right? Likewise, if you ask him or her they will feel like you really care about them and this will increase your lover affection and the result is they will feel more comfortable with you and later they will put their trust in you.

Yeah, to make someone believe and put their trust in you isn’t an easy job. There are so many things to do and once you fail, there are no words like a step back. So, what will you do, huh? Bet everything and gain more or just let the time change everything for you?

Well, I think my article today about why is trust important is enough and clear for today. If you think my article today can help the other people to fix their relationship, please share this article with them. Thanks for visiting and coming back to my website today. See you soon on my next interesting article and have a nice day guys.

“A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.”

– Wise Sad Man

Dealing With Depression At Work, Avoid Getting Stress

dealing with depression

There are so many people feels depressed at work. Yeah, the pressure in the business world is quite rude. However, for people who get a bound contract in the business world. They can’t do anything more than trying to adapting to their new environment. So, what is your way to dealing with depression at work? What will you do to raise up your mood again?

Dealing With Depression At Work

Everytime you feeling depressed, Your body will response with releasing a hormone that acts like morphine that will help your body to release your stress. Yeah, our body is really amazing because they can identify our body and mood condition.

Well, what is your biggest pressure all this time? What is your solution to get rid of your depression? Will you take care of that? Or just letting that just like that and pray that problem will fix their own self. Well, I think everyone has their unique and different ways to conquer depression.

However, not every people blessed with this ability. There are several people that even can’t handle their own depression. So, what will you do if you meet someone like that? Will you help them? Or you will just let them learn to solve their own problem.

Sign Of Depression

Some people have a different sign of depression. However, to some people who even can’t handle their own depression, it is quite hard to handle their own problem. Well, what will you do if you are trapped in this situation? Will you succeed to step out from that situation? Or will you keep stuck in that kind of situation? Well, here is a few sign of people who get depressed by their job.

  1. Often easy to angry and have a bad temper.
    • People who get stressed because of their job will easily get angry even for a small unimportant thing.
  2. Unproductive.
    • People who get stressed and under pressure sometimes become really unproductive because they can’t think clearly.
  3. Giving up with their job.
    • Because they are stress sometimes they are giving up with their job and lack of effort.
  4. Inability to solve the problem.
    • People with depression sometimes lack the ability to solve the problem. That’s why people with high-stress level mostly passive.

Well, there are so many things that will cause people to depressed. Yeah, most of it because of job responsibilities, the other maybe because of there are problems outside works like a fight between them with their wife or husband. However, as a professional worker, all we need to do is to separate problem according to its place. Don’t mix up everything. Remember everything that done with hard work will result in something sweet in the end.

I think my article today about dealing with depression is enough for today. If you think my article interesting enough for you, please share this article with the other people. Thanks for reading my article today, see you tomorrow guys.

Success isn’t given.

It’s earned.

On the track, on the field, in the gym.

With blood, sweat, and the occasional Fear

– Nike Sport

Cheating In Exams, Reason, Explanation, and Effects

cheating in exams

There are so many people who want to show off with having a great score in the exam. However, without studying and learning it seems so impossible, right? Well, the only way to achieve that is with cheating in exams. So, that’s why today we will talk more about cheating.

Cheating In Exams

There are so many people think prestige is more important than everything. So, that is why they are doing anything to achieve that thing and show off about that, no matter what. However, cheating in school can be the sign of something worst in the future. Can you imagine? Now you cheating in school, when your age still 10 or maybe 14, what if you get older? Around 20 maybe? What will you do? Become a beggar? Politicians and become a corruptor? Is it what you really want all this time?

The meaning of cheating itself is copying the answer to the student sitting next to you, in order to pass the class. Well, isn’t that kinda unfair? There are so many people who sacrifice their play time and even sleep at very late night only to study so they can pass this class, but look at you, sitting nicely and sneak peek at your friend answer sheet.

Hard Work and Persistence

All you need to do to get nice score whenever there is an exam in your school is to study. Whenever you fail, study harder, harder and even harder. There’s no easy way to achieve something to be proud of.

So, what do you think about my statement? Do you agree with me? Or maybe you have something else? Well, I just don’t want our generation now led by a bunch of idiots, who only think about their own self.

Well, all you need to do is increase you acknowledge of something. Because the school isn’t always about the study, it’s about relation and experience too. It will be a waste if you can’t learn anything when you are in there.

However, what will you do if your best friend caught cheating on an exam by you? Will you just shut your mouth? Will you report him to your teacher? Isn’t that is your biggest dilemma? Well, if you really care about him. you supposed to report him to the teacher. It’s not about a friendship and he is your best friend, but it’s about his own future. You need to give him a proper explanation, that he only destructing his own future and you try to save him from that.

Well, I think my article today about cheating in exams is enough for today. I hope you will take a lesson from my article today because this is not a joke, this is about your future guys. If you think my article is interesting enough for you, please share my article with the other people in need. Thanks for reading and visiting my website today. See you soon guys.

Cheating is a CHOICE not a MISTAKE

– Unknown Wise Man


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