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Definition Of Perfectionism, Is It a Mental Illness?

Hi guys, welcome to my website today. In this beautiful morning, I want to discuss something about the definition of perfectionism to you. Do you have a friend with this bad habit? Well, I think before you ask them to change their bad habit, you need to know more about perfectionism.

Definition Of Perfectionism

Well, always identical to woman habit, right? However, do you know what’s perfectionism? Or maybe you have a friend with that habit? The definition of perfectionism itself is a conviction someone needs to be perfect in order to reach their best performance or condition. With their high pretension, their lifestyle will change too. Sometimes they will also add some pressures to their lifestyle too. Some people feel really comfort with their perfectionism but they never know that their bad habit also affecting other people as well.

After knowing what is perfectionism. Tou also needs to know about the person too, right? Perfectionist is a people who believe in perfectionism and use them as their lifestyle. So, don’t get switched to use the word between perfectionism and perfectionist. Perfectionist appoints to the person who believes to perfectionism and makes that as their way to live their life.

How To Control Perfectionism

Perfectionism itself is categorized as mental illness. So, if you are unfortunately having this mental disorder. You need a medical treatment or you also can ask your doctor about how to control perfectionism in yourself.

If you are too afraid to go to the doctor for consultation. Maybe this few tips from me can help you to control your perfectionism habit.

  1. Stop comparing yourself with the other people
    • People always want to be the best among the other people. They often feeling shame if they need to be compared by the other people who is better than them. If you start to stop comparing yourself to the other people and start to doing your best at everything, maybe your life will be much happier.
  2. Forgive yourself when you are doing a mistake
    • Perfectionist people sometimes feel they need to be perfect in every condition. They even forget they are only a mere human. They can make a mistake or a few mistakes a day. So, the only way to free yourself from that guilty feel is to forgive yourself. Sounds easy but hard to do right?
  3. Lower your expectation to yourself
    • There are so many people who expecting so much from their own self. Sometimes because of they are forced to be like that or because their family expecting so much from them. Well, giving yourself a break can’t kill you, right?

Well, I guess we are want to be perfect, all of us. However, we can’t push our self too hard only to reach the perfection. Perfection only comes to people who deserve it. I think this is the end of my article today. I hope this information about the definition of perfectionism can increase your knowledge. If you find this article helpful, please share with your friends. See you soon on my next article guys.

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