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Choosing The Right Bedding For Your Small French Bedroom

Okikiko.com – The timeless beauty of a small French bedroom will instantly add a touch of French elegance to any home. Just like a small Italian villa, one can make an appealing combination with French furniture and items. Here are some suggestions.

One Way to Update a Small French Bedroom

One way to update a small French bedroom is to bring in pieces of art that are French or at least look as if it’s part of the culture. In many small en suite bathrooms, a coffee table with a display of photos of the family or a vase filled with fresh flowers would be charming. An en suite bathroom often has a high ceiling so placing a framed painting above the mirror is a great idea. Small rustic lamps would also be ideal in a small French bedroom decorated in this style.

Bedrooms in homes with high ceilings usually have a modern look. This may be fine for most people but for those who want a more French look, an interesting addition might be a low wall sconce on a ladder. These are often simple but can add a very unique look to a small French bedroom. In many smaller apartments or even a house with a small kitchen, working in close quarters at night can sometimes be difficult. To make this more bearable, an interesting focal point such as a low wall sconce on a ladder would be a nice addition. In a smaller French bedroom, this could be easily achieved without making it too apparent that there is electrical work underneath the floorboards.

The Uniqueness Of French Furniture Design

French furniture is often chosen for its intricate design. While this can certainly be attractive, it may take some getting used to. The timeless look of a small French bedroom that is embellished with French style fixtures and furnishings may be a bit overwhelming for some. A more casual style proven to work well for small bedroom decor may be the best choice.


One of the best looks for a small French bedroom is that of a country home with cottages or farm buildings on the outside. Using a rustic look can add a charm and warmth to a small French bedroom that is impossible to obtain from contemporary French furniture. Using a French style of furniture also helps to create a welcoming feel to a small French bedroom that can be difficult to achieve using more modern styles.

Creating a Beautiful Small French Bedroom

The style of bedding is another key element that will help to create a small French bedroom. The traditional look of French bedding can give a small French bedroom a romantic feel. In addition to choosing traditional colors, bed linens in French patterns and designs are available. In bedding, a lighter floral pattern is often preferred over other patterns, especially in the spring and summer months. Although the traditional look may be somewhat antiquated in today’s world, the look still has its place in many traditional bedrooms. In fact, choosing vintage French lace bedding is an interesting option for a small French bedroom.

For those interested in creating a more modern French style in their bedroom, the bedding can still have a traditional French flair. Using a white and black color scheme, the small French bedroom can still use bold color patterns. One of the most popular looks for a small French bedroom is to create a Tuscan theme. Using dark and bold reds and browns, a Tuscan-themed bedroom can still be created. Using this type of color palette in small French bedrooms, along with old world rugs and throw pillows on the bed, is another great way to create a Tuscan feel.

Small French bedrooms can have a lot of character. Adding decorative pieces such as wrought iron candle holders, candelabras and mirrors are simple ways to give the appearance of a larger space. With a small bedroom, it can be difficult to create the illusion of a larger space. By using a few pieces of furniture and creating a small haven out of it, the smaller space can become larger than imagined.

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