8 Ball Pool Tips To Get Free Coins and Become Pro Player!

8 ball pool tips

Hi there, good morning to everybody. So, how’s your day? I hope everything well. Let’s get straight to the point, do you like to play billiard? Do you ever really want to play billiard but you don’t have enough money to pay for the bill? Well, if that’s your problem, congratz, you come to the right place in the right time. Today I want to introduce you to a game that will bring back your sensation when you are playing billiard. So, what game is that? Its 8 ball pool! This game is really amazing! That’s why I will also include some 8 ball pool tips in my article today. Come and check out my article today!

8 Ball Pool Tips

free coins 8 ball pool

8 ball pool is a game that simulates the billiard game. This game includes a precision, amazing design and of course similarity to the billiard game in real life. This game is published by Miniclip and published as a web-based game billiard simulator. The are tons of players who play this game every day.

The circulation of money of this game also quite high. I predict that more than thousand dollars cumulated by Miniclip only from coins sales.  Well, if we talk about coins in 8 ball pool, everyone will think it’s a currency for betting right? But what else we can do with that coin? Not only for a betting currency, coins also can be used for another thing such like buying a few accessories, a ticket to come into the casino and much more.

However, there are not many people who have a natural skill to be a king of billiard game. Sometimes they also lose the game and run out of coins. That’s why usually they will run out of coins and try to find a way to get a free coins 8 ball pool to continue their game.

How To Get Free Coins?

Unfortunately, that’s almost impossible to get free coins because normally they will just sell it in a bundle. The question left now is, how we can get it? Well, it is not a big matter dude! What do you think I will share with you this day? That’s right! I will share this 8 ball pool free cash link to you! This thing will give you tons of coins and also an unlimited access to use it. All you need to do is clicked that link and that’s it, your coins will be sent as fast as possible! So, what are you waiting for? Come and try it by yourself now and become the 8 ball pool king!

8 ball pool free cash

Well, I think my article today about 8 ball pool tips is enough and clear. I hope my tips today can help you to become the best at this game. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to read my article and take a visit. If you have any suggestion, please leave a comment below. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude! I hope we can meet again in my next article 😁

Heroes Evolved Review: Rockman The Earth Keeper

Heroes Evolved Review

Howdy and how are you dude, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about my experience when playing Heroes Evolved by using Rockman. Well, I bet all of you must be familiar with this hero, right? So, do you want to know how to use this hero and make this hero grow stronger than the other? Do you also want to know how to become a good tanker? Well, every information you need will be available on my website today. So, what are you waiting for? Check out my heroes evolved review today!

Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes evolved tips

Heroes Evolved is a free MOBA game genre that focused on player experience when they play this game. This game developed by Reality Squared Games and was made for a competitive reason to Mobile Legends game. Well, even though this game offers us a few similar heroes with Mobile Legends, this game still trying to satisfying the player with giving a lot of differentiation in heroes skill, skin, and gameplay.

Heroes Evolved already developed more than 50 heroes so far and all of those heroes is unique and different each other even sometimes we can look some heroes have a similar skill and appearances like Burninator and Rockman heroes. The tips and tricks on this game also different we can’t apply the tricks on Mobile Legends and make it as Heroes Evolved tricks. This game looks like a twin brother, similar but not same.

Rockman Heroes Guide

Heroes Evolved giving us a really durable hero to counter a few heroes that can give a lot of burst damage such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu and this hero is Rockman. Well, when R2game giving the name “Rockman” they really mean it. The appearance of Rockman really looks like a walking rock with a lava to make it even scarier.

If you open the heroes page, you can see that Rockman is a Melee hero but it doesn’t make this hero unable to attack from the distance. His one and only skill are ranged skill that will allow Rockman to summon meteor shower to attack nearby enemies without exception. His another skill is a buff skill that will allow Rockman to initiate a battle or chase down an enemy that tries to escape. There’s no one can escape from this raging bull!Heroes evolved tricks

However, because Rockman is balanced hero make a Rockman strong is quite hard. You need to choose what you want to be. Do you want to be a carry? Magical damage hitter? Or a durable monster? It’s up to your choice because as long as I play this hero, Rockman is suitable for any condition. All you need to do is remember that Rockman is a durable hero and you don’t need to be afraid to initiate an all out battle. Just don’t forget to make Titan Heart and Exorcising Eyes. Make sure you can be involved in the battle much longer to assisting your team.

I hope my article today about Heroes Evolved review and a guide to using Rockman is enough and clear. Never stop practicing and explore about a new hero in this game. Because there is no single person that born to be a winner!

Heroes Evolved Review and Tips For Una The Explosion Master

Heroes evolved review

Howdy and good morning guys welcome back to my website. So, how’s your day? I hope your day goes as what you have been planned. This day I want to share with you a review about one of the most addicting MOBA game. Do you know what is it? Yeap, you right its Heroes Evolved and this morning I will share you about my experience on playing this game on my Heroes Evolved review. I will also write about tips and tricks to play one of their cutest heroes. So, what are you waiting for? Check this out!

Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes evolved tricks

There are not many people that can get used easily with a new mechanism that heroes evolved offer to them. However, some people love the challenge that this game offer to us, their players. Well, the unique mechanism that never adopted by any games makes this game have its side inside the player’s heart. Well, even though we like it. That doesn’t make us pro at using it, right? That’s why I make this Heroes Evolved tricks along with this review.

Una is the spotlight hero on this season. With her ability to light up a firecracker from the smallest one until the biggest one. This hero surely a pain in the ass for some heroes. Well, maybe you will also remember on Madara from Naruto anime and his quotes that said explosion is art for him!

Una Gameplay and Tricks

Heroes evolved tips

Well, if you also played Heroes Evolved you will know this hero so easily because this hero is the only one that pictured as a little girl. Well, her ability to blow the thing up is really annoying. Especially because her bomb can give a lot of damage to some heroes especially support heroes. Well, to strengthen this hero, I think the items build that computer suggests to you is strong enough.

Well, all you need to do is adjust how you play this hero. Remember! Una is not a tough and strong hero, this hero is so fragile like a glass. You just need one stunt to kill her. That’s why never ever think to walk alone especially to a place without “ward”. All you need to do to play Una is spam your first and second skills. However, your second skill will nerd a lot of calculation and accuracy. Well, it’s because this skill will affect both you and your enemies even though you will not suffer any damages but you will also affect by knock back effect. So, what are you thinking about Una the Firecracker Master? Do you want to try it?

Heroes Evolved Tips To Play Venom For Newbie Player!

heroes evolved tips

Do you know why this game become so popular lately? Well, maybe because of the similarity of this game with Mobile Legends and Vain Glory. However, even though this game is similar to both of those games. Heroes Evolved still offering something unique and different than the other games and that’s what makes this game is so unique. Find out the best Heroes Evolved tips on playing Venom for you.

Heroes Evolved Tips

Heroes evolved tricks

There are so many people who still can’t play this game because this game is still new. However, even though this game is still new, there are a lot of people who want to be the best player in this game. Well, if you are a newbie in this game but you still want to the best on this game. I will suggest Venom for you, why I suggest this hero to you? Well, it’s because this hero is easy to play. This hero is so unique because this hero is having a great physical damage and having a skill that can be used as a defensive skill.

Well, are you curious now? Do you want to know more about this heroes tricks? Well, check out my Heroes Evolved tricks today! Because today I will give how to play this game to become the best or MVP player in this game.

Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes evolved review

On my Heroes Evolved review today, Venom is my focus hero. This hero is so unique and you don’t need to make a lot of items to make this hero to be a stronger character in this game. The strategy to play this game is all you need to do is spending your time to farm on jungle first. After spending a few minutes to jungling, this hero will have enough power to fight 2 people on his lane that is on the same level. You know? I can make double kills under 4 minutes with this hero basic build.

Do you know some people even say that Venom is too overpowered? I don’t know if the developer will nerf this hero or not. But what will I say here is this hero is really good for newbie hero as long as you do a proper laning and jungling. Just remember to avoid war and spotted by enemies, if you still think that you are not strong enough, you also need to let the tanker hero to move first and don’t be too greedy and rushes to the enemies lane alone. Why do I say that? It’s because this hero is so fragile and I think you will having a lot of rough time if you still insist on using this hero to fight a lot of enemies when you are under 14 stars. I hope this hero evolved tips is can be useful for you to increase your ranking. Well, I will always pray for the best result for your ranked gameplay. See you soon on my other article on another day. Have a nice day dude.

Road Riot Free Gems Tips and Tricks For Newbie Player!

Road riot free gems

Sometimes comes a time when we want to be the best. Sometimes come a time when we want someone looks lower than us. Well, that times will come even though we don’t want it. We don’t know when that times will come, we don’t know what kind of situation that feels will come but something I know for sure is that time will come for sure. That’s what I feel when I was playing Road Riot. I want to win really bad, I want to win no matter what! That’s why I surf in the Google only to try to find out the best tricks to get Road Riot free gems that finally I get. Find out how I get the free gems on Road Riot only on my site today! Check it out!

Road Riot Free Gems Tips

Road riot tips


I have played this game for more than 2 years but I really confused why all my friends get better than me in no time. It feels like I’m really dumb at this game. Well, soon I know that all my friends use a trick to buy Road Riot best car and newest version. I feel its kinda unfair! Right, before I report them to the Game Master of the game, to shut my mouth by promising me to also let me use their trick.

You know what they say? They say that they never meet Road Riot tips that can beat this trick! They give me this Road Riot hack to shut my mouth and make me promise to not let the Game Master know that they are cheating. You know? They also promise me to let me know if there is an update about another game tricks. With one shot I got so many deals! That’s amazing!

Well, I know this is wrong but who cares? I don’t need to ruin my sleep hours again, I don’t need to spend my money to buy the newest car again and what is the best is its only need one click and my diamonds is ready to go. Amazing, right?

All of my friends tell me to not spread this trick. However, I’m still mad about them that keep this trick secret from me so that’s why I have a will to share it with you. So, try it! It’s free, easy to use, free malware and will give you tons of diamonds to fulfill your dream to get your dream cars! Well, what are you waiting for? Use it and let’s play together in Road Riot game!

I think my article today about Road Riot free gems tricks is enough for you. Thank you for coming to my website today. I hope my article today is useful for you and if you think my article is useful for you, please share it with the other people who love to play Road Riot game too. See you soon in my next article, I really hope you won’t get bored with me. See you soon and have a nice day pal.

Dota 2 Hero Review: Gyrocopter the Flying Ken

dota 2 hero review

Welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you a topic about Dota 2. Well, today our topic is Gyrocopter the Flying Ken. So, do you know who is Gyrocopter? Do you ever play him? Do you know how to make up a good team fight and a proper location for Gyrocopter? Well, let’s find out on my Dota 2 hero review about Gyrocopter today. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out, dude!

Dota 2 Hero Review: Gyrocopter The Flying Ken

Dota 2 tricks

Gyrocopter, every Dota 2 players must know this hero. This hero is the most annoying hero if used as a mid lane hero. Aside because he can wipe out creeps wave easily with his first and third skill.

He also has a disable skill that will stun you and make you vulnerable to attack for maximum 3 seconds, well the most annoying thing is this skill damage will increase along with the distance this thing travel, so as long as you are still running away from it. This thing will keep following you and increasing its damage. Horrible? Yeah, that’s totally horrible. However, you don’t need to worry too much, in my Dota 2 tricks today, I will tell a few ways to run away from Gyrocopter missile. Well, check it out, dude.

Dota 2 Tricks Against Gyrocopter

Dota 2 tips

I think if you are the big fan of Dota 2 game, I guess I don’t need to introduce this hero again, right? Well, you already know the hero, so I think you already know how to counter him, right? What? No? Lucky for you, because today I will tell you every Dota 2 tips and tricks to fight up to this annoying hero the Gyrocopter.

Gyrocopter is equipped with two disable skills.One is his Homing Missile that will stunt you and the other is his Call Down skill that will give a huge amount of damage to your character. However, even though Gyrocopter is a great hero in a team fight because he can give a great amount of damage to his enemies. This hero also easy to counter. All you need to buy is Eul Scepter. Well, I guess there are fewer people who know about this, right?

Yeah, you right. It’s only with Eul Scepter you can counter Gyrocopter. The question now is, how? The answer is quite easy. You only need a great timing ad perfect calculation. Well, let me explain it to you. It’s quite easy, whenever Gyrocopter releases his Homing Missile just use that Eul Scepter if you think that missile almost hit you. Easy, right? Well, even though this looks easy, avoiding Homing Missile need a great calculation that’s why it need a lot of practice before you can do it smoothly.

I think my article today about Dota 2 hero review is enough for today. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to come and read my article today. I hope my article today is useful for you, please share my article today if you think it’s worth to share. Thanks once again for coming, I hope we can meet in my next article. See you soon and have a nice day guys.

Hyper Heroes Game, Amazing Game With Thousand Unique Heroes

hyper heroes game

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about one of my favorite game. It is Hyper Heroes game. So, do you ever played this game before? Do you know why I love this game? Wanna know about Hyper Heroes? Find out more information about this game only on my article today.

Hyper Heroes Game Review

Hyper heroes game play

Well, because this game can be categorized as a new game. There are not many people who know about this game. That’s why today I want to share this hyper heroes review only for you, my fellow reader. Well, I really hope that you can enjoy my article today. Because I will try to explain everything on this game only for you.

Hyper Heroes is an amazing game that offers us a new perception of the gaming world. This game bravely opens up a new era in the gaming world by trying to resurrect the marble like RPG game style. However, because o the unfamiliarity of this kind of game, this game is really hard to hit the peak of their era.

However, this Hyper Heroes gameplay is really unfamiliar for several players. I can guarantee you that this game is really fun to play. That’s why I bring up this game to you. I have been playing this game for more than 3 months.

Well, I think I have known everything about this game. According to my three months experience the environment in this game is quite nice and there are nothing like social impact on this game. I also read several Hyper Heroes review to increase my skills in this game. I also really sucks at this game and that’s why I also can’t help you a lot rather than giving you a lot of advice according to my experiences.

Hyper Heroes Tips

Hyper heroes review

Well, according to my experience, there are a few tips that I can share with you. In Hyper Heroes your aiming skill is what matters the most, even though you have tons of great heroes it’s really impossible you can win this game if you can’t aiming properly. That’s why I think the most important thing in this game is your aiming ability. You also need to calculate everything and doing proper line up like trying to figure out what will happen if you are doing this line up rather than the other lineup. That’s the most challenging thing about this game. It’s because once you are placing the wrong lineup, even if you have great heroes, I can guarantee you that you are done. This game is an awesome game that doesn’t need you to spend a few bucks for pathetic things. This game only needs your patience and hard work.

I think my article today about Hyper Heroes game is enough for you. Thank you for reading my article today. I really hope my review today can help you to conquer and becoming a great player in this game. See you soon in my next article and have a good day!

Mobile Legends Tips On Playing Fanny For Newbie Player

Mobile Legends Tips

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you a topic about Mobile legends tips on playing Fanny the character that inspired from anime and also a popular manga in Japan, the Attack On Titan. So, are you curious about this anime? Find out more information about this anime only on my website.

Mobile Legends Tips

mobile legends tricks

Well, if in a few article of my latest article I’m talking about a hero for a newbie player. This day I want to share with you about a hero that need an advanced skill to play it. yeah, you right, it’s Fanny. One of our hero that have the highest score in mobility. Before we talk about her. First, I want to ask you about your opinion about Fanny. If you ask me, I will definitely say that this hero is totally ANNOYING! Well, it’s because she can move whenever she want and wherever it is as long as her rope can grab on something.

Fanny is the most disturbing hero for some people who face her. Her ability to move freely and quickly move from one place to another place make so many players feel pissed. However, even though Fanny character is an excel character to escape in a battlefield for people who can’t play her, Fanny ability would not change anything on the battlefield. Maybe they will be just a joke for their enemies, right? So, to prevent that thing it would be wiser if you follow a few Mobile Legends tricks to play Fanny below.

Fanny is a hero that really count on her rope. She can attacks on multiple enemies only with a single slash on her rope. However, because this hero is extremely weak, your job is how to approach the enemies without being caught by them. That’s why sometimes people who play Fanny will use some Mobile Legends tricks for fanny like aiming the wall that near to the bush, waiting for enemies to cross by and ambush them from behind, or doing a proper rotation by letting Fanny roaming around the map.

Mobile Legends Tricks To Play Fanny

mobile legends review

Well, you also can do a proper warning like quickly tell your team if one of your enemies missing from your map for more than 30 seconds. It’s like giving the signal to be more careful to the ambush or gank that your enemies want to do. Just remember the word that I have said on my every Mobile Legends review that this is a team game, so the whole team needs to work together to win this game. There is nothing like someone more needed than the other, so stop looking down at your teammate and start to give a good response to them and win this game together!

I think my article today about Mobile legends tips to play Fanny is enough for you. I hope my article today will make your gameplay to be much better than before. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share this article with the other people that maybe need this information. Thank you for coming to my website and spare a few minutes to read it. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

How To Counter Lone Druid The Controler Of Nature Force

how to counter

There are so many people fall and bow down to the power of Lone Druid. Especially when finally IceFrog decides to reform him and giving him a few specific change. The popularity of this hero drastically reaches its peak. However, behind someone success, there is must be someone or a few people that don’t like it. Well, the number of people that searching how to counter Lone Druid keep increasing. While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero and limitation in the source of knowledge because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

While there are a few people that still wondering how to counter this hero. The limitation in the source of knowledge is still so high because this hero win rate is quite high after getting reform. That makes the information to defeat him is quite hard to find. That’s why today I want to share with you about my tips on defeating the Lone Druid user easily. So, are you curious? Find out more information about it on my website now.

How To Counter Lone Druid and Sylla Bear?

dota 2 guide

Lone Druid is one from a few hero that has an ability to call a summoned unit to control. Like Visage, Nature Prophet and also Chaos Knight, this hero really hates the other heroes that have an ability to destroy their familiar, whether it’s illusion or summoned unit. That’s also become the biggest reason why Igor The Earth Shaker become the most banned hero if they are on stage. However, to counter Lone Druid or the other heroes who have a summoned units or illusions is quite easy, it’s not only Igor job. We can use several heroes or items to control their unit too. Do you want to know this Dota 2 tricks?

To counter Lone Druid or the illusion control hero we can use Battle Furry or several heroes that also have a great Area Of Damage skill (AOE) like Kunka, Tide Hunter, Queen Of Pain and much more. You also can make use of his bear with using Dominator Helmet. This will allow you to control Lone Druid bear and make it yours. Amazing right?

Well, if you remember SingSing and Miracle and the other Dota 2 pro player also get hype to this hero and make a Dota 2 guide to playing this hero. However, they find out that this hero isn’t as strong as people say. This hero still can be easily countered even though he got so many reforms from IceFrog. This hero also needs a lot of farms before he can jump in the battlefield. So, don’t think you are a fail player because your Lone Druid hard to farm because the truth is even though he get reform because this hero base damage is still too low. So, what do you think about this hero?

Thanks for visiting and reading my website today. If you think my article is useful enough, please share my article with the other player who needs to know how to counter Lone Druid See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

Stress toys for adult

There are so many things that could trap an adult in stressful condition and most of them because of their profession responsibilities. Well, there are not many escape route available for an adult to step out from that stressful condition. Even though you have been clean up that problem, there are always new problems that will show up. That’s why some adult this day use fidget spinner as their stress solution. Well, it’s also because this Fidget designed already change so far from the original that usually used for a kid with autism and now used as the stress toys for adult people. Well, before we talk any further about this item. That would be wiser if we know more about it. So, check it out only on my website today.

Fidget Spinner The Stress Toys For Adult

what is fidget spinner

Well, before we start I wanna ask you something, do you know what is fidget spinner? Because we will talk about it, we also need to know what is it, right? So, what is that according to your explanation and how can it help you release your stress?

Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toys. So, do the Spinner really relieving the stress? Well, actually there is no further research that can prove that the Spinner really can relieve the stress. However, some people who already use this, report that their stress temporary fade away and this really help them to decide their decision. Well the effect of relieving the stress could be the effect from the fidget because this thing will be distracting your attention away from your problem for a few minutes and while your mind is distracted by this thing your subconscious mind still trying to find the best answer for your problem and that’s why people will be deciding more efficiently after playing this toy.

Fidget Is Amazing and Cheap Toys

buy fidget spinner

So, do you think this thing called the fidget spinner is expensive? Well, I can’t say you totally right or you are totally wrong. Because the variety of this toys can reach a hundred of models and according to economic law. If the goods flooding in the market, their price will eventually falling down whether it slowly or rapidly sliding down.

Well, if you ask me where you can buy fidget spinner. I would love to say you can find it on Amazon and a few online market start from 5$ to hundred or even thousand dollars. I think its fair price if we compare it with the effect that caused by the fidget spinner. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this thing and relieve your stress away.

I think my article today about Stress toys for adult people is enough for today. Thanks for visiting and spare a few minutes for reading my article. If you think my article today is helpful for you, please share my article with the other people. Who knows maybe they also need this article, right? See you soon in my next article, don’t forget to look at another amazing and useful article only on Okikiko. Have a nice day guys.

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